Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Now it is Tuesday.
Yesterday's sun,
has changed
to rain.

On Monday I sat at the doctor's
with dizzy, bobbling head,
to complain.
He said I'm doing awesome
"for my age." Ha.
Then said it again.

The trees dance wildly
outside my window
in the arms of Brother Wind.
I know the waves are roaring
at the shore.
But it is Tuesday
and I have
my online chores.

A smile for the Tuesday Platform with HA at Toads.


  1. Awesome for your age. My doctor tells me the same. All of these chores...boring. I'd rather be bundled up and watching the waves

  2. Ha... lovely that you are doing your online chores with us... and so great to you are well...

  3. Such a lovely poem, Sherry!💞 More power and love to you for everything that you do!

  4. We have fickle weather her as well - snow in feet one day, rainy warm the next, sunny, and then windy... it's crazy. Anyway, glad your Dr. thinks you are good (for your age) - it's like people telling me you look great (for six kids) ha!

  5. Lovely poem for Tuesday, Sherry.

  6. Such a sweet and life affirming verse! Enjoy the dance of the trees and the roar of the waves. :-)

  7. Tuesday should be snooze day but those chores are relentless as Tofino waves, yes? ~

  8. Such a serene description in the last stanza, but most of the time we have to roll our attention to our chores.
    Be healthy and hearty, Sherry!

  9. I am most grateful to know that you are in fine health, Sherry. Happy... Wednesday. Tuesday passed me by.

  10. Dear Sherry, we are pulling for you. Hope you are feeling better today...and each day to come.

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  12. I am sooo glad that your writer has chores to keep busy. Writing is too much pleasure to grace the name, Chore". BTW, I am much older than 'Writer' but still get told that I'm doing awesome "for my age and DON'T LOOK THAT OLD either." Haha.


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