Saturday, January 27, 2018

Winter Blue

Wickaninnish Waves in Winter Blue

We sat together,
my grandmother in her wheelchair,
I her most frequent visitor,
as I told her 
I was moving to the sea,
my heart's dream.

We both knew what this meant 
for her.

She gathered herself to speak,
and she was generous:
"You deserve this, Sherry,"
she told me.
"You've had such a hard time."

The next time I visited,
she had retreated into herself,
and lived in silence.
But when I told her of the eagles,
and the whales and the wild waves,
she smiled.

Traces of mixed
joy and sorrow,
reflecting on the years'
unfolding ~
my solace, always,
the silver, shining sea.

for Angie's Get Listed at Real Toads : a celebration or a milestone memory of a loved one. And I will share it in the Poetry Pantry at Poets United.


  1. Ah, Sherry. I know that our older loved ones can live a lifetime in the moments we relate to them. They can sit for a long spell with us sharing our lives. It sounds like you got your grandmother's blessing which is quite outstanding of her to give you a new license on your life. Thanks for sharing this sweet encounter.

  2. This bonding is absolutely beautiful Sherry.
    Happy you dropped by my blog

    much love...

  3. Such love and tenderness from each to the other! And she was right: you do deserve it, and belong there also. Yes, the sea is a great solace.

  4. Oh, so beautiful. So well deserved for such a beautiful soul as yours, my friend.

  5. What grandmother said is so true. You're a blessed soul Sherry.

  6. Love the way you've used your name within the personal narrative..

  7. It is hard when our personal journey takes us away from those we love and who may depend on us - what love is shown in letting go.

  8. Such a beautiful deserve all the sea can offer

  9. Nature is certainly a solace, again another soft piece of spiritual writing, Sherry.

  10. I love how you describe the mixed feelings both in you and in her... I'm so happy you can live by the sea, I wonder if it ever leaves your bones.

  11. Being by the sea makes you feel as though you are close to the real world where you can observe it working where mankind is not in charge. I love the way it talks to us telling us that we came from its depths once too.

  12. The sea was solace for you both. What a wonderful gift to bring to her when you visited.

  13. Yes, the sea is a great solace. Such a beautifully evocative poem, Sherry!💖

  14. This is a beautiful poem and a pivotal moment in two lives. Yes, the sea is the place of your heart.

  15. The sea, it seems, is the thread that knit you and your grandmother together. O blessed sea!

  16. It is sad that we sometimes have to leave behind those we love when we fulfil our dream(s).
    Your grandmother is very wise and it is good that your talk of eagles,
    and the whales and the wild waves, made her smile, for I think she still understands.
    I am glad you have found solace dear Sherry, you richly deserve it.
    Anna :o]

  17. Have a nice Sunday Sherry. Thank you for dropping by my Sunday Standard today


  18. I too love the sea, but sometimes am torn by my desire to return and my other ties.

  19. Again Sherry you have brought tears to my eyes with your words. It is true, life pulls us in many directions. There are many paths for us to travel, and places along the way we would love to stop and stay...but there is only one of us, and it is up to us to follow our destiny. I love your GrandMother, she taught you well.

  20. If you need the sea, you need the sea. Your grandmother was very generous.

  21. The sea embraces you both, Sherry. I smile and the same time almost cry while reading this because I can actually relate.

  22. That was Awesome! A wonderful poetic portrait of the relationship.

  23. A touching account of love shared and expressed from generation to generation. Beautiful write, Sherry!

  24. A beautiful intermingling of your 'go-to' person and place ... for it is clear, you found comfort in both. A lovely evocation, Sherry ... tenderly sketched.

  25. A wise woman, your grandmother. And that's what is in your blood and bones.

    1. She was the single most significant influence in my life. She was peace and safety when my childhood home was not. In her old age, i returned to her the many hours she so generously gave me as a child.

  26. I can't imagine anyone not being happy for you being close to the ocean... She sounds like a wonderful lady. Hugs.

  27. oh Sherry, this is so poignant and beautiful.
    i remembered the time we were caring for our bed-ridden mother. we loved her but we need to have our solitary moments too.

  28. Hi there, Sherry!

    I think this is one of your best poems yet and amazingly, hauntingly beautiful ..


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