Saturday, January 20, 2018


Stamp Falls, Port Alberni
photo by Dan Aman,
This is the river where Pup and I so often took
our wild hearts, when we lived in Port Alberni

Song of the river wild,
Song of the rapids leaping
Through the chiseled rock-walled chasm
Green with weeping,
A plunging torrent
To the ocean seeping

Song of the sea-green foam
Song of the white froth dancing
Sun-dappled baby wave-tops prancing
In the sunshine, all my dreams

Song of the green rock wall,
A vessel for the river's journey,
Guiding the flow along the channel churning
To the ocean and as it's

Song of the tall green trees
Rootbound and stoic in the deep crevasses
Rooted in bedrock holding up the mountain,
Sentinels for every year
that passes

Song of the laughing brook
Below the rapids green, swirling and babbling
Huge salmon leap,
Fall back in shallows dabbling,
Plunge forth to lunge again,
Leaping and scrabbling

Song of the river wild,
You sing my tattered soul a new song,
Bless the silver beauty of this new day,
Make me know the path I'm on
Is not wrong.

Song of the seasoned soul
That knows the underlying message
Of the river:
Flow with me,
Not against me as we journey;
Travel lightly,
Not a taker,
But a giver.

Every fall, the salmon make their way up the rushing rapids and make a mighty leap up the rocky falls, on their annual migration. It is an amazing sight. So much determination to live, against great odds. Like all of life.

I wrote this poem in 2002, and decided to share it this weekend with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United. Do join us on Sunday morning and enjoy some poetry with your morning coffee!


  1. What a wonderful poem! I love its rhythm and its rhymes, and the wild spirit it embodies. I grew up by a river that had rapids, so I love the photo too.

  2. All those beautiful nature songs...fill the heart!

  3. I love the rhythm and flow of this poem - just like those salmon swimming

  4. What wonderful word pictures! Could see and hear everything. So beautiful Sherry!

  5. I love how adept you are at singing the songs of the wild creatures you care for. You always give us such a positive attitude with your 'wild' poetry Sherry.

  6. Oh gosh this is so beautifully evocative, Sherry!💞 Especially love; "Song of the river wild,
    you sing my tattered soul a new song, bless the silver beauty of this new day,make me know the path I'm on is not wrong."💞

  7. A powerful song, Sherry, musical and lively, with the leaping rapids and plunging torrent. So different from our lazy river.

  8. A wonderful metaphor for perseverance and determination to go on living. Resilience! 😊

  9. I do love the song of rivers, and I can stare into their wildness for hours.

  10. Excellent description of the struggle, determination, and joy of life.

  11. I need to find myself by a large river such as these again one day.

  12. Stunning! Powerful and I love the rhyme! Beautiful and flowing like the river, like your poetry, Sherry! I'm glad you shared the past with us.

  13. It is just amazing. Nature can work itself in many strange ways. A great song of songs to go with it too, Sherry!


  14. A glorious piece, that surges with life. I love the way in which you've mingled lines of river and woman. Beautifully written!

  15. a beautiful song, Sherry.
    Nature is indeed amazing. your poem is timeless.

  16. Such a beautiful poem Sherry. It reads like a strong declaration of nature asserting its strength. I really like the rhymes which made me think that's how nature speaks.

  17. My tattered soul needs to hear a new song. Think I'll head for the river!


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