Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Little Pool of Grace

Edgar Allen Crow

Wild Woman's pet raven 
is looking at her
through her pince-nez.
Sp(b)eaking in her gravelly voice,
she croaks,
"My dear, tired friend,
do try to stop
pushing the river.
to the water's flow,
and soon you may find yourself
in a little pool 
of grace."

Smiles. For Paul's prompt at dVerse: Grace. May 2018 be filled with it, somehow, in spite of the daily news.


  1. Love that wisdom... there are too many trying to change rivers and moving mountains... acceptance is grace

  2. Oh I love this so much. XXXX Fancy having a pet raven- how delicious.

  3. Ahh yes. The path of least resistance.

  4. No only the path of least resistance, the path of: Be calm and float along - I like this Sherry. such a fine poem about acceptance but also, change.

  5. A nicer raven than Poe's. Just as wise, though.

  6. Love how you brought nature in on this prompt.

  7. OH ... LOVE everything about this!! Such a lesson told in these wise wise words! Smiling I am!! I think this could be made into a greeting card and would fly off the shelves for a Thinking of You kind of card. Really really love this!

  8. Thank you for this gem Sherry! Wishing you all the best for 2018!

  9. This is so quirky, Sherry! I love the Wild Woman and her pet raven - such a wise bird.

  10. I adore ravens and love the charm of this POEm! lol Funny, I just posted about an owl~ Yes, 2018 I want to blog again~ You are such a clever bird!

  11. surrender for grace...beautiful thoughts Sherry

  12. Yes! Sadly, I imagine for some (many?) that the floating isn't as exhilarating as the fighting.

  13. Wonderful counsel, to ride the waves of Grace. If only we would listen...

  14. This leaves me feeling so happy. What a good reminder for this control freak to just float. I once heard someone describe prayer as just floating.

  15. I like the play on words and the surprising wisdom with which the little raven sp(b)eaks!


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