Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Ms Magoo Kinda Heart

Wild Woman's disability is
she wishes she were cool,
but finds herself most often cast
as Ms Magoo, the happy fool.

Teetering  at the cliff-side, 
others clutching at her cape,
"Look at all the pretty stars!"
she cries, eyes and mouth agape.

Down she goes! Vexatious rocks!
A branch has hung her by her socks.
She mimes she planned to slide the cliff :
I'm fine. It's really fun. As if.

There's a sign up ahead.
It's too bad she can't see.
The folks below are shocked to see
Wild Woman flying free.

A Ms Magoo kinda heart,
in a benign world ever funny,
Wild Woman cannot see the grey.
She keeps her blue skies sunny. 

Now she's out in the orchard
dancing - skip skip skip -
there's many a sorry stumble twixt
the high-step and the flip.

Follow fools into the meadow.
Let's all hoot at the owl,
dance with the chickens,
both fair-weather and fowl.

Smiling grimly 'top the steering wheel
and blinded by the light:
"Officer, I'm not impaired,
I just don't have much sight."
Wild Woman rarely drives at night,
because she knows she's blind.
Thank God the policeman
was Canadian, and kind.

Each little touch of pixie dust
gets followed by an "ouch!"
I think it's safer keeping
Wild Woman on the couch.

I rejigged an old poem, because it fits Paul's prompt at Real Toads  (to write about a cartoon character that influenced you as a child), better than anything I can come up with today. This prompt begs for humour. Also sharing with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United. Heaven knows we need a chuckle.


  1. Aw! I hope Wild Woman finds a stout hearted traveling companion so she can have safer adventures.

    I remember the Mr. Magoo cartoon best from the Christmas Carol special, but I'd love to catch up with other episodes. Man, there are so many cool childhood memories coming up with the responses to this prompt. :)

  2. I'd follow the fool any day of the week. Giggles galore would ensue. Loved this.

  3. "Each little touch of pixie dust
    gets followed by an "ouch!"" Oh, my sprinkles seem to be followed by the same effect. I love this!

  4. Who doesn’t love a Mrs. Magoo? Adorable

  5. Nice episode you wrote, Sherry. Im not familiar with Ms Magoo. Was she in with Mr. Magoo??

  6. Now there's a character I haven't seen or thought about in a while! Mr Magoo has become a Ms - great fun!

  7. You're the coolest wild woman I know.

  8. Always fun to see the "fun," of it all. Skip, hop, and stumble.

  9. Mr Magoo. Love that you changes to Ms

  10. I thought you had done Magoo before. Be careful, high flyer!


  11. Better be careful... sounds painful to be wild... wild at mind maybe

  12. Real stars tend to be to hot for reality. They burn and get burn, but their living is delicious fire anyway. Real stars know the scratches and burning (and the goofy moments) have been necessary... for they feed the mind now the star has reached couch time.

  13. Well said. And how Ms Magoo loves her couch time. In it, she sails the heavens. Or is that just vertigo? LOL.

  14. such fun following your Wild Woman's stunts - love how she cannot see what is there but only what is before her!

  15. I was the little kid who used to cry instead of laugh at cartoons, because people (or usually animals) got hurt. And I'm still like that – sorry for my lack of humour. I want to take care of Ms Magoo, not laugh at or even with her.

  16. Well, I'm glad SOMEBODY does, LOL.

  17. This is great! I am something of a Magoo myself, and it's nice to know somebody else hoots at the owls and dances with the chickens.

  18. This really made me smile Sherry - a fun and honest piece..nothing can beat the sofa

  19. Just what we need to put a smile on our faces...we surely need that! Thankyou so much Sherry.

  20. This is such a delightful read, Sherry!๐Ÿ’ž

  21. This poem is just plain, fun, Sherry. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  22. haha - Thanks for the morning smile. I would gladly spend a day with a fool as fools have more fun. You have a free spirit and that is the joy you bring to the world.

    I will have to check out this prompt it looks like fun.

  23. Delightful!
    great rhythm and rhyme, and it sure put a smile on my face. :)

  24. ...and heaven knows you gave us a chuckle! This was a delight from beginning to end. Thank yoU!

  25. Love your sense of humor, Sherry! Good to read something fun and lighthearted. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  26. You made me chuckle--more than once here! Happy Sunday!

  27. I'm following the fool into the meadow! Such a comedy of errors!

  28. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚what a fun write. Happy Sunday Sherry. Thanks fir dropping at my Sunday Standard today


  29. I love this Sherry. Mr Magoo was a Christmas Day TV event during my teens and when my children were young too. Watching Mr Magoo was a definite part of Christmas Day. I miss him!
    Anna :o]

  30. And thank you for the smile you brought with your words. I'm pretty sure I know that Wild Woman.


  31. Well, this is definitely my chuckle for the day. Great job on the visuals, Sherry. That and the wonderful rhyme you've set the piece to, really ramps up the humor.

    Thanks for this. After this last 'Trump Week of Rancor', I needed a laugh. I keep thinking he's digging himself into a hole - with his words - that he's not going to be able to get himself out of ... but so far, no such luck. He just keeps ratcheting up the hate level, and the tolerance for hate ... and keeps on digging. Having that man on the world stage, is really a heartache. Anything that lightens our spirits is a good thing.

  32. Oh, Mr Magoo! Captures the spirit. Brings back memories!

  33. Great write, Sherry! You capture the Magoo essence beautifully!


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