Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Walk On the Wild Side

On Sunday, it was sunny and beautiful, and warm as a spring day. Chris and I took Menina the dog (we borrow her for walks on the beach), and spent the day adventuring. First we went to Combers Beach, one of the long wild beaches, accessed by a forest trail.

So cute!

Combers at high tide

The tide was in, so there was no beach to walk on.

Menina loves our rambles.

We headed to Long Beach,
to find some sand.

Chris and Menina at Long Beach

Incinerator Rock
How many thousands of photos have been
taken of this landmark?

Sun, big waves, a gorgeous day!
Walk along with us!

The tide caught me

Housing crisis in Tuff City. LOL.

A portal

So much life on the rocks

Looking back along the beach - 
I used my zoom, which is amazing.
This scene was a very long ways away.

I remember the wonderful vista on top of that rock. 

This is the photo Chris took from up there. Wow.

Me, down below. Note Menina, 
stretched out full length in a tide pool.

Blissed out.

Another zoom shot, the length of the beach away.

We stopped off at Grice Bay on the way home.
It is on the inlet side of the peninsula,
so peaceful and beautiful.

Soft blues

I love these camel-shaped hills.
This is Indian Island.
It has some human inhabitants,
from time to time.

A glorious day.
One would never know it's winter.


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Thank you so much. I will be over to see you soon!