Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Three Doors

Behind trump's door:
the rich get richer,
while all other people, 
our fellow creatures 
and the planet suffer,
as two inflated egos
play Who'll Hit the Button First?

Behind the door of climate change:
hurricanes, floods, wildfires,
a warming ocean, melting poles,
mass extinctions, human and animal 
climate and political refugees -
all living things
struggling to survive.

Behind the third door:
our hope for a miraculous 
uprising of the people everywhere,
a transformation of global consciousness,
that is simply taking too long.

Never have I seen portals
so bleak.

When I saw Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Doorways, I was thinking about the story I read in high school about two doors, written by Frank Stockton in 1882. Behind one door was a beautiful lady. Behind the other was a tiger. Which one would the hero choose, not knowing which was which? I got to thinking about the doorways humankind is choosing now, and got so discouraged I didn't know whether to post this or not. But it is all I could come up with. Gah. My apologies. Sometimes hope doesnt float.


  1. I, too, began with the image of The Lady or the Tiger! I like that you added the third door, like in "The Price is Right." When it is that random, hope can sink. Thankfully, we don't make the choice blind and we don't make it alone.

  2. Oh I agree. It is frightening and I sometimes cannot believe how grown up men can behave like toddlers. A timely political rant!

  3. Let's see if the third door opens in our lifetime or not but It Will Open. A good one Sherry.

  4. There will be a war soon...Psycho boy is itching for one.He refuses to appoint an American ambassador down here...been 16 months....think he is trying to tell us something.
    Yep we got the message
    Our message to him
    F O Bozo !

  5. A very good idea!!! Thanks Sherry.

  6. I too fear those first two doors I am hoping that the first door will slam shut. I am hoping that the third door will open wider and wider this year! We must live in that hope.

  7. I'm thinking we should all be looking for a window.

  8. Words sadly reflecting what is our today and our tomorrows.
    I also hope the third door will open in our lifetime..all there is is hope...
    Anna :o]

  9. I am hoping the two Koreas will come together for the Olympic games and somehow achieve an 'entente' which I am sure someone does not want!

  10. This poem makes me want to write a poem entitled 'the fourth door' lol.
    It is good writing. Well done.

  11. Yup... all 3 doors look pretty bleak. I'm glad you posted this, because the truth needs to be told.


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