Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Distress of All Creatures: Warning: Disturbing to animal lovers

Captain, Vancouver, B.C.

On the news, I see them
wheel you out:
beaten, defeated German Shepherd,
intense suffering in your eyes.
And my heart stops.
I have to turn the tv off.
I cannot bear
that some messed up human
has taken his anger out
on you, defenseless boy.

Oh, Captain! My Captain!
The world is cruel.

The second part of this story
is that the same man
just killed his mother.

On the same newscast,
Wolf Number Two
has been killed on our coast.
Skinny, hungry, in search of food,
he wandered into "our" territory
and paid with his life.

And Site C dam in the Peace
will not be re-routed around
First Nations gravesites.
It should not be built at all,
but capitalism only knows
one way forward, has
only one bottom-line.

One needs to be fortified
with protection, these days,
to watch the evening news.

Oh, Captain, your suffering face,
those pain-filled eyes,
the face of all the suffering
of all the innocents of this world,
brings me to tears.

Four years ago, Captain the German Shepherd was beaten viciously and left for dead by his mentally ill "owner". He was still alive when responders wheeled him out. They tried to save him. It was shown on the news again last night  because the same man has now been charged with murdering his mother.

It's getting so my heart can't take the pain of the nightly news. Especially when it comes to animals, who are at our mercy. And we have so little of it to give.

source: CBC News


  1. Oh, this truly breaks my heart, Sherry!! What an evil soul this man must have. I am really surprised they left Captain's mother with the same man who killed Captain. It really IS so hard to watch the evening news MOST of the time.

  2. Sad to see how some pets are treated by their owners, and in this case of the German Shepherd, its terrible. There is no excuse really.

  3. Take heart. Animal rights is taking off (at least in California). Even the animals we eat are protected.

  4. Horrors. They do say that those who murder animals often go on to murder human beings.

  5. I am sorry you didn't link this one, Sherry. Really we all need to pay attention to what is happening in this world.

  6. Dear Sherry I just cannot read this one. I am sorry. I hate when people are so dumb they harm animals. "Off with their heads!!!" There is no excuse.


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