Sunday, June 25, 2017


Today was the lowest tide of the year
and we got to see parts of the beach
we normally can't get to.

I have been stalking this tree for 20 years,
as it's only able to be photographed 
at a very low tide.

I was quite a distance away from this fellow, 
behind some rocks, not to disturb him. 

I used my zoom to catch him
eating some beach buffet.

Two people were standing too close to him,
and he startled and RAN to the edge of the water,
then flew off. I couldn't focus quickly enough 
to catch any of that, unfortunately.

Friends exclaiming over a live sand dollar.

Sand dollar in residence

There is a lot of life on the beach:

...things growing......


sea grass.......

starfish,  anemones......

olive shells......




No wonder the eagle flew down from his perch:

That is a nest beneath him,
at this time apparently inactive.

Tonquin, at low tide.....

....with memories.

Instead of a poem this week, I thought I might share these photos from last week of my beloved beach. Am linking it to Poets United for the Poetry Pantry on Sunday. Do stop by and enjoy some fine poetry.


  1. Oh my goodness, Sherry! What beautiful photos. What a wonderful experience you must have had. LOVE the eagle! Love the crab too. I am so glad you are there.

  2. Mesmerizing beauty Sherry. Love that eagle, what personality! Thank you :)

  3. Amazing. Thank you

  4. Stunning and amazing photos...such beautiful Eagles! wow!

  5. What a glorious post! I felt like I was walking with you on your shore~ The wild eagle has an eye for beauty-as do you Wild Woman!!

  6. I am so, so very happy for you. You waited and you got there. I am proud of you and I am so happy for you. These pictures are just like poetry. How exquisite! Hugs.

  7. Love the photos, Sherry. The sheer beauty of the place calls out to be there, to see, to explore. The eagle was a jewel, but your final photo was an emotional impact. Thank you so much for sharing. The photos are another poetic form.


  8. What a wonderful world you live in!..

  9. Wonderful! Reminds me of the beaches of my childhood (in Tasmania) and also the ones where I now live.

  10. Thank you for sharing this walk!!! I loved each frame, each word.

    1. This is a post that has to be added to your next book!!!

  11. This is such a wonderful beach walk... I love the tree that has become a friend to revisit.

  12. I love the pictures as well. Need to visit that part of the world sometime.

  13. Just beautiful, Sherry. You are so very blessed to live within walking distance of YOUR beach and see such life!! Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.

  14. What a wonderful beach walk. The tree requires a poem all its own! I remember the first time I ever walked a beach at low tide, and my amazement at the sea life that remained behind or burrowed into the sand waiting for high tide to return. Such an experience!

  15. These photos are absolutely incredible Sherry!!❤️ I think I'll linger for a few more minutes and gaze a bit longer.. *swooooon* ❤️

  16. Oh Sherry you are so fortunate to have a beautiful and private place of your own to get inspired by. Very solemn and peaceful I can tell. thanks for sharing these photos with us. very beautiful.

  17. Thanks so much for this poetic tour, Sherry. Just lovely. And so alive. :-)

  18. I really though I was walking on the sand with you Sherry. What a beautiful commentary on your beach walk.

  19. I loved this wonderfully scripted photo montage of Tonquin Beach. The close is a perfect evocation of your many, many beach rambles. You did a beautiful job on this, Sherry.

  20. Lovely photos.
    Living by the beach.
    A dream come true for you.

  21. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your beloved beach and all the beauty that surrounds you. :)

  22. The 20 year tree quest and the eagle.. I am feeling so envious of you being surrounded by so much natural beauty.


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