Thursday, June 1, 2017

Billy's Impossible Dream

In Hog Swaller Holler
lives an old billy goat,
He smells so bad
he makes you gag in your throat.

His shack is hung
with lanterns made of paper.
In their bright golden glow
he loves to prance and caper.

There are times when the moon
is in a sultry mood,
when old billy gets to dreaming
and goes right off his food.

He is pining for a damsel
with pink and yeller hair.
He sings a randy tune
to try to lure her to his lair.

And now he's in a funk
because the damsel just can't see it.
Bill, my best advice, when blue:
if you cant find love, just Be It.

LOL. For Shay's prompt at Fireblossom Friday: to write about a place that isn't real. Though longing for impossible love is perhaps all too real.


  1. This is really cute and funny, but that last line is actually very good advice: "if you cant find love, just Be It." ... It also makes me think of playing "Tag." :)

  2. That is one funky goat!

    I like the description of his pad.

  3. Wow made me grin and giggle. Good choice using rhyming lines. Those photos, icing on the cake 😁

    Much love...

  4. A delight to read indeed...greetings!

  5. Awwww. Good advice, indeed. Love the rhyme and playful air of this.

  6. Made me smile, Sherry--and the moral of the story most of all.

  7. Its wonderful. ..I am smiling..!

  8. Yes yes... love the thought of be love... but being a stinky goat is not easy.

  9. Love this one, Sherry. I've been liking goats and goat storries ever since Mom read me "Billy Goat Gruff".


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