Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I make salutation to the day,
raise my arms up to the sky,
bow and do a downward dog.
as the morning gifts my eye.

The world is beautiful today
as far as I can see.
Yet icebergs melt and oceans warm,
the forests burn and creatures flee.

Yoga helps me breathe,
the forest tries to keep me calm.
I try to love what is,
before more of it is gone.

For we are sunflower hearts
in a toxic rain world,
trying to hold onto hope,
keep our petals all unfurled.

We dig our roots down deep,
we turn our faces to the sun,
but ground and air are poisoned.
There's not enough for everyone.

I cannot let go of hope,
must keep my petals all unfurled,
for we are sunflower hearts
in a toxic rain world.

written for Sumana's Midweek Motif prompt at Poets United: Yoga.


  1. Love, from one sunflower heart to another!

  2. So beautiful Sherry. What joy it gives to think of having a sunflower heart always facing the sun. May light spread. Yes we shall overcome.

  3. I especially like "I try to love what is before more of it is gone...." And, yes, the downward dog. I remember this from my brief sojourn into yoga. Smiles. We do have to keep hope...to be like the sunflower & always turn toward the sun!

  4. This is so beautiful and inspiring. So shall we all be. Like the sunflower.

  5. Some of us know that true beauty is found in the forests, the seas and wild places where some harmony exists. Sadly those places are under pressure and are weeping as they get smaller and stupid mankind is blind to reason.

  6. With you, I refuse to let go of hope, for without hope, what do we have?

  7. a lovely and soothing, grounding piece this - it has offered me an opening of calm that is much appreciated in this moment :)

  8. Oh yes i can be a sunflower if asked to be, thats how encouraging your poem is Sherry; Happy Wednesday

    much love...

  9. The downward dog? Now its me calling 911, lol. Love this poem that comes from the heart, and straight into mine.


  10. Sherry, this a beautiful and hopeful piece! I especially like this line "keep our petals all unfurled".

  11. This just breaks my heart, Sherry. You speak with such power for the natural world.

  12. Your beautiful words bring sadness, and a modicum of hope. If enough of us send love out into the world .... and keep our petals unfurled .....

  13. I love this!❤️ "I make salutation to the day,raise my arms up to the sky,bow and do a downward dog as the morning gifts my eye." Sigh.. beautifully executed!❤️

  14. We are sunflower hearts, that is absolutely wonderful and as sunflowers we are always tilting our head towards the light.

  15. "I cannot let go of hope,
    must keep my petals all unfurled,
    for we are sunflower hearts
    in a toxic rain world."-- how true!Such beautiful lines, Sherry.
    We all need to keep hope alive in the difficult times..lovely!

  16. the poem, itself, is a lovely meditation. love how the morning gifts your eye.

  17. A sunflower heart that follows the sun - a living specimen. How nice Sherry!



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