Tuesday, June 6, 2017

We Are Not Solitary Waves

"We are not solitary waves"
by the wonderfully Wyrd Sisters,
my fave group

I tried to insert the music track of the song here but cant do it. If you would like to feel completely uplifted and happy and hopeful, click on the orange link below, which will hopefully take you to the song "Solitary Wave". Probably my favourite song in the world. I was lucky enough to watch these women perform in a house concert at Sproat Lake some years ago. Bliss! I have all of their albums.


Mother Ocean,
you are ill, vomiting plastic
and dead seabirds 
full of our waste,
our endless waste,
our disgusting excess,
our willful and wanton 
and unconscionable waste.

Soon, they say
there will be more plastic
than fish in the sea.
There is already
more plastic than plankton,
food as necessary to sea dwellers
as air to we on land.

Every living thing,
including us,
is now ingesting plastic,
arguably our most
woeful invention.

The thing is,
"we are not solitary waves*".
we are struggling.
we may rise.
Upon exulting waves
of transformation,
we can turn this ship around,
clean the ocean,
clean the air.
Loving people
take heart
for we are never
solitary waves.

sharing at Poets United for Susan's timely Midweek Motif prompt: Oceans

* a line from the song "Solitary Waves" by the Wyrd Sisters

The Ocean Conference is happening right now, from June 5th to 9th. That our life and the ocean's are interconnected and interdependent is self-evident. Only the multinationals and money worshippers dont care. The conference lists ways we must address the strangling death of our oceans: 
  • reduce use of plastics, microplastics and single-use plastics
  • protect and restore coastal and blue carbon ecosystems
  • adopt sustainable fishing practices, restore fishstocks and eliminate subsidies and over-fishing
  • address rising sea temperatures
Remember that we are not solitary waves. We are interconnected. Together we can remain apathetic and die. Together we can rise as a global population and become an ocean of force to address climate change. We can't afford to wait for the "leaders" to get it together. We must do what we can, where we are. 

source: The Ocean Conference 2017


  1. Wonderful lyrics, thanks for sharing.

  2. Sadly, various segments of society, are treated like throwaway trash, one finds on the highways and waterways of our nation, Sherry. Left alone, to collect, and dam up, before any action is taken to ease this burden on society.

  3. I LOVE the song! Alone, we couldn't heal oceans, but together it is possible. And guess what the Midweek Motif is tomorrow? Yup! "Ocean(s)"

    1. Now I've read this many times and listened to the gorgeous song 2X. Thank you!

  4. We, in California, believe you. Unfortunately keeping our beaches and water clean is money driven.

  5. I am amazed that so many of us (meaning politicians and industry) are so blind to what is happening to the whole of our environment as though everything is expendable for we are sure to find an viable alternative in the future. If the ordinary peron in the street can see the danger why is it that lucrative deals are more important than survival?
    Hopefully we can keep shouting until someone listens. Great poem Sherry.

  6. Love! A powerful and wise message. You never cease to inspire.

  7. I love the hopefulness of the last part of this poem, Sherry. From your mouth to God's ears!

  8. Such a beautiful poem with a powerful message!
    "we are not solitary waves*".
    we are struggling.
    we may rise."~ So very true!

  9. Yes, we are all one? Every living thing, and everything is living. The earth and all it's mountains, rocks, plants, and beings....and the oceans, and all that lives there....it is our fault not God's.

  10. Beautifully stated, Sherry. We are not solitary waves. We are a sea of being, choking on a future we ourselves have created. Why must we always learn the hard way? And thank you for the music,


  11. Nice song and inspirational poem. Thanks for dropping by to read mine today

    Much love...

  12. There's a part of the world, struggling to survive, certainly consumed by terrible problems. And then people in positions of power and influence simply not doing enough, chasing different goals. This load has to be lifted in the middle.. but I don't know if that will be enough.

  13. Mother Earth knows how to live and survive and if needs be She'll wipe out the stupid, greedy humans and thrive. Only if we could sing from our heart this song.
    So beautiful and inspirational Sherry.

  14. Your love for the ocean and generosity of spirit sings in this piece Sherry xo

  15. You put the facts out there. They are hard hitting and empowering, for the things can still be turned around.

  16. We need to turn the ship around ..... I pray there is still time!

  17. A very relevant and important message, Sherry. And I agree, we must do what we can, where we are. Thank you for this reminder.

  18. From supermarket bags to CDs, man-made waste has contaminated the entire globe. Wonder who has given us the right to wreck this poor planet of ours...!!But....Never too late to do something about it either.Thanks for the alert, Sherry....necessitates introspection. Beautiful poem. Thank you...:)

  19. Nice one, sherry. I couldn't agree more with cleaning up our oceans. Again an enjoyable read

  20. A timely reminder, strongly expressed.

  21. This is exactly what all should read...beautiful!

  22. we are not solitary waves - THIS. Love your message Sherry ~


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