Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Power of Ten

The intricately intelligent
composition of the universe,
traveling outwards
to the power of ten,
then traveling inwards, 
to the tiniest cell of the smallest atom,
tells me
there is not one system,
whether human or non-human, 
creature of land, air or sea,
animal, vegetable or mineral, 
that is not worthy of being studied 
with awe and fascination.

From the smallest earthly weed,
to the farthest galaxy,
we inhabit
a universe of wonder.

If we truly thought about it,
we would all be walking around
with mouths agape, exclaiming:
See that? 
Oh, my goodness!
Have you ever.,.....??????

The world is
that beautiful.

for Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motif, at Poets United : Seeing the Extraordinary in the Ordinary. For me there is not one thing that is not extraordinary, when one gives one's attention to it : stars, starfish, seahorses, blades of grass, eyeballs, legs, trees that breathe out what we breathe in. The root system of trees mirrors the pattern of a woman's uterus, when she is carrying life. We are closer to trees in our DNA than we ever stop to think. And it is the male seahorse who gives birth. Imagine that!

It is all the most marvelous and interdependent design - indicating, to me, that a Supreme Intelligence - God, by whatever name you wish to call that over-arching spirit - must be behind it all. It is too intricately interrelated to be random, in my opinion.


  1. Its such a beautiful world, outstanding in every form. We live, we learn, we love. Greetings!

  2. For those of beauty, beauty is everywhere. What kind of person wrote this wonder? Thank you.

  3. Fascinating isn't it..and the more physics unravels, the more intriguing it gets!!

  4. Your words, poem, notes as well as the video take me to that Cosmic Intelligence / Soul behind this marvel and truly feel humble.

  5. Truly humbling poem Sherry
    my favourite lines

    "If we truly thought about it,
    we would all be walking around
    with mouths agape, exclaiming:"

    much love...

  6. Sadly (humanity on mass) are so self centred few of us see the universe in that way. If only we looked around us as children with such awe and interest in every living thing it might help.

  7. The last verse could stand alone - your spirit shines through as ever xo

  8. Creation is a testament to the supreme being's existence. It is the informed opinion of geniuses past and present.There is nothing random about design perfection.It is indeed awesome in the original correct meaning of the word.

  9. I LOVE the exclamation in the middle of this rumination: "See that? Oh, my goodness!"

    If we keep our eyes open, we'll see it, whatever it is, and we'll see it as it was meant to be seen: as something out of the ordinary.

  10. I so agree with your philosophy in this beautifully written piece, Sherry. Wonder IS all about us!

  11. "The world is just that beautiful."
    This is a great reminder of the beauty and the extraordinary we can see, if we choose to. Wonderful!

  12. And yet, "random" is exraordinary! We can agree, all is wonderful, beautiful, breathtaking....I just got back to the studio, from picking up images from the photographer, on the way over and on the way back, everything was extraordinary!!! Takes my breath away!

  13. This is soo beautifully written, Sherry!❤️ indeed the world is just that!❤️

  14. Very true! And thank you for that wonderful video.

  15. Yes, so true. We must always remember to look at our world with appreciation. There is so much beauty to be seen. And yes, if we really thought deeply at what we see we would be in a state of constant awe!

  16. Loved the video and your poem, a real tribute to the extraordinary every day ordinary things we see and come into contact with.


  17. . . . and so is this all-affirming poem. Wow.

  18. Wonderful, Sherry! We have to remind ourselves to look.


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