Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wolf Spirit

google image, artist unknown
no copyright infringement intended

Wolf Spirit,
you came to me in dreams,
with three white sisters.
They held back,
while you came forward,
nudged your nose against my knee,
in trust, in respect,
as my wolf-pup used to do.

I offered you a bowl of milk,
which you accepted,
dipping your head to drink,
and then you left,
back into the greenwoods.

I woke, knowing you will
travel with me now, 
forever, in my heart,
along with my black wolf,
who perhaps sent you
to tell of his transformation
into spirit,
perhaps to say goodbye.

for Hannahs prompt at Real Toads: Totem Animals


  1. Just exactly right, Sherry. I love this.

  2. Oh, Sherry! What a powerful dream!I love the connection that you'll always have with your pup and with the wolves. ♥ Thank you for writing and sharing this, your heart.

  3. Oh this is beautiful Sherry, you have always share your wolf connectivity with us. This is another stunning piece

    Happy you dropped in to read mine

    Much love...

  4. Oh yes, Sherry, that wolf spirit will help you through grief and loneliness for Pup. At least we wish, just thinking of it does one good.

  5. I love that dream... and I did expect you to bring your wolf... You are your totem Sherry,

  6. This seems like the perfect spirit animal for the dream-writer I see in you each time I read your poetry. Even though he has transformed into spirit wind, he stays with you. Thanks for sharing!

  7. To have a wolf spirit visit is a pretty amazing thing. Your story is wonderful!

  8. A lovely write... how it embodies the nature of your thoughts. Very well penned. :-)

  9. Or, perhaps, to say hello again...

    Love the serenity of this poem, the promise, the connection...

  10. The woman, the wolf, the bowl of milk.. such a picture of unity between them.

  11. I feel like our wolves, and you and I all had a spirit dream together Sherry! Just wonderful! I really liked this prompt it was so spiritual!

  12. So moving..The connection to spirit and truth is vivid. Beauituful

  13. What a very cool dream. to have that kind of conection to a wolf...and have them visit you in dream...and to tell you good bye iun their transformation...that cemented the connection for me...

    i will get writing now...smiles.

  14. This is beautiful.

  15. Wolves are wonderful creatures and great totems.


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