Saturday, July 16, 2016

Buddha Land

copyright  Matthieu Ricard

She tosses the rice
to the left, to the right.
There must always be rice
for the blessing.

The Lama walks,
blessing the land.
A rainbow appears on the right.
It is said that this Lama
manifests a rainbow
wherever he goes.

A whale is swimming by, 
down below, in the bay.
The eagle, watching from the topmost scrag,
gives one piercing, joyous cry,
then resettles his feathers.
He does not fly away.

Joy beyond joy,
tears on her face,
a Lama is blessing her homestead.
The whale! The eagle!
The rainbow!
Miracles, all.
When the blessing is over,
the Lama smiles.

"This is Buddha Land,"
he says.

In truth,
it is all Buddha land,
full of miracles and wonders,
for those who have eyes to see,
and hearts to understand.

One from 2012, my friends, because we need to remember beauty, and joy, and hope, especially in dark times. Shared with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United. Come join us Sunday morning, for some uplifting reading!


  1. What a beautiful poem – and vision! In dark times, it is good to keep shining what light we can.

  2. Yes, we do need to remember beauty, joy, and hope. Despite darkness in abundance, we have to see the good of our world. A very apt poem, Sherry.

  3. This has hope. Something we desperately need this week.

  4. Thanks Sherry for reminding us that what a beautiful world we have despite of the things that are happening around us. So true, we only have one world - everything's for us.

  5. eyes to see, and hearts to understand... that poem is almost a dream!

  6. This is soo beautiful.. a poem that relieves the soul during difficult times.

    Lots of love,

  7. such wonderful images filled with hope and need of the hours...

  8. Thank you for this Sunday rainbow Sherry - it's all about opening our eyes and finding the good things..looking up and out xo

  9. Sadly Sherry this beautiful world would be much happier without us. We just don't value it but we treat with disdain as though it were dispensable.

  10. We need uplifting these days, when horror seems to be the order of the day.
    The live and let live ethos of true spirituality is sorely lacking - thanks for the reminder it is there for the taking.

  11. Oh we those counterpoints to news to Nice, to Dallas and Orlando - thank you for sharing, and I hope to see a lot of Buddha land up north.

  12. I'm glad you shared this one today. Because considering the way of things at the moment, we sooo need to keep this idea in mind: there are always miracles around us... if we just work to see them. ♥

  13. Sherry, this is a timely message and a reminder that there still exist so much wonder in the land.
    Happy Sunday!

  14. what a beautiful poem!
    this is like a bright light following the gloom of the week's events.

  15. thank you, thank you! Every exclamation is rightly placed. This is restoring me today.

  16. What a beautiful and refreshing scene depicted.

  17. So spiritual, Love and light,

  18. This was so soothing to my heart. It is full of love, joy and hope. Medicine for today's times. Thank you Sherry.

  19. So true the beauty is everywhere, we just have to take the time to see and hear it.

  20. A perfect balm for this weary soul Sherry...thank you for the Buddha land.....I feel it here many times especially when a rainbow comes out to bless us!

  21. luv this blessing of light, we need so much more of this, especially now
    Sherry thank you for dropping in at my Sunday Lime today

    much love...

  22. Perhaps we need more lamas walking through the land with their blessings...

  23. Another beautiful piece, Sherry. Thank you for reminding us that there are miracles and wonders to behold everywhere ... if we open our hearts to them.

  24. Beautiful! I'm happy you shared something so uplifting today.

  25. full of miracles and wonders,
    for those who have eyes to see,
    and hearts to understand

    Those who do benefit the most. The idea of appreciating nature will beget returns more than asked for.It apparently works that way. Rightly so Sherry!


  26. Indeed it is, all of us share the same blessings. Hope you are well Sherry.

  27. How wonderful. A while back I visited a joint exhibit about the Dali Lama shown with the photography of Thomas Merton, a Trappist Monk who was very into incorporating Buddhism and Christianity. There was a pair of the Dali Lama's shoes in a case. I lifted my hand to the case without touching it and felt a shock, much as I had at the tree in a temple in Beijing. It was such an unforgettable experience.

  28. See we have to see these things...and recognize them for the blessings that they are...not just the beauty of nature...or coincidence...but blessings...

    thanks for the warm welcome back wild woman...

  29. The whale! The eagle!
    The rainbow! miracles all indeed - and esp. the rainbow as it is a visible sign that god won't forget us


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