Friday, July 15, 2016


Dawn over Tofino Inlet

Perhaps this is Armageddon,
not fire and wrath rained down
on us by heavenly forces,
but bombs and bullets, 
hatred and death,
we turn upon one another,
mankind creating his own hell
in what was meant to be an Eden.

I have to believe that,
for every dark and bitter heart,
there stand ten thousand bright ones
who believe in peace and justice.
The carnage wrought by a single madman
is immense, the horror heartbreaking,
yet, we still must believe in
tomorrow's dawn new-breaking,
humankind's heart awaking
to another day of loving,
in spite of - in defiance of -
 the darkness,
our hearts turning like sunflowers
towards the morning sun,
as hopeful and innocent as birdsong,
the new day just begun.

Our hearts are heavy as, day after day, the news is worse and worse. The bad guys are getting a lot of press. We have to remember the seven billion souls who, mostly, long for peace, for justice, for shelter, and safety and hope. That is a lot of energy-power, to counter and defeat the dark of heart, the misguided and deranged. We must hold onto hope and our belief in our fellow man, that, in the end, light will eradicate the darkness, and usher in a thousand years of peace. 


  1. Oh I hope so too. This is such scary times we live in.

  2. No the bad guys are not everyone.

  3. As a LGBT+ person, my community has experienced this before, with the Second World War, as we were locked up, in the death camps, with the Jews and other socially undesirable people. And yes, we were the lowest of the low, in these camps.

    As for today's violent deaths and hatred, it's the speed that the news travels at, which make everything worse, feeling like, we are, at the end of the world days. Overpowering the majority, who just want to life in peace, and harmony, with their neighbours.

    Maybe, I'm a dreamer, in saying this, but I have to hold on, to something that shines with the light of hope.

  4. Amen to your poem. Peace must reside in our hearts and let us have compassion even for the misguided souls who live in turmoil and hate. They are ignorant of what can be - a world connected by love. Thank you for writing this Sherry. I have lost my energy and haven't been able to write a word down for several days.

  5. Yes, we DO have to remember the good souls....despite all of the negative news!! Hard sometimes, but we must. We just must.


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