Monday, July 25, 2016


The half-moon and I
greeted each other this morning.
We both were waning.
Consulting my oracles
on facebook,
I learned this is the time for
going rogue,
for bringing forth 
our Inner Roar,
for singing
"I've Gotta Be Me."


I have never been much
for roaring and chest-thumping.
But I have observed,
it can be somewhat effective.

The moon has no answers.
She has her own stuff
to do,
filling in her other half,
inch by inch,
between now
and the next full moon.

I need to set to as well,
in the other direction,
honing my round, blurry shape
-and my round, blurry life-
into something
more definitive.

Going rogue?
Wild Woman may not roar,
but she has been known to be 
quietly subversive.

LOL.....I gazed at the moon, and she gazed at me.


  1. I love how you connected your feelings to the oracle light revealing your shadows! A powerful poem-I love it~

  2. "The moon has no answers.
    She has her own stuff
    to do,"

    I love that--and that entire stanza. And the whole poem!

  3. That probably makes you the first moongazing subversive :)

    Lovely little poem, Sherry

  4. Sometimes it is what is needed?

  5. and you both saw much. can we change as much as she, becoming more well rounded in each transverse of the globe. perhaps.

    she may have no answers for us, but i think her silence says enough that we can learn.


  6. Oh Sherry i adore this one....and now I know the secret of the Half Moon Waning!

  7. "filling in her other half,
    inch by inch"

    Always, and always going rogue.


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