Friday, July 15, 2016

Willow Weep

I once was Hanging Garden Tree,
various life forms hanging off of me,
trunk strong and sturdy, 
able to bear it all :
the gains, the losses, 
the support of others 
that bowed my branches low.

Those years, the forest was my home.
Grandmother Cedar was kin,
and Sky Woman blessed my weary head 
with stars. We shared
tenancy of earth and sky,
communion, the cycle of life
so strong and sure,
so joyous, I.

I have become a Weeping Willow
as I aged: tree of my childhood,
under which I spent so many bemused hours.
Willow, the scent of summer,
along with bullrushes and lakeshore breezes,
its curving branches sheltering and protective,
I in the hammock underneath,
my ship of dreams just starting out,
alive with hope, and shining.

And now it is the tree of my old age,
as Memory wanders through my mind and heart,
tears for the many losses and their pain,
tears for the golden times
that will not come again,
tears for the long farewell of every dog and tree,
tears for this wonderful life,
slowly pulling away from the shore
with me.


  1. This is really beautiful, Sherry.

  2. Nostalgia for the 'good ole days' occupy many minds today

    Much love...

  3. It is good, that we have so many memories, of good times in our lives, but what if our memories were just filled with bad things? A lovely write, the Willow Weep. I hope everyone has such good memories!

  4. This is beautiful especially when you consider that willow trees are strong and have learned to bend. It's so nice to have the memories though some are heavy.

  5. Oh Sherry, this breaks my heart. But it is good to have those wonderful memories.....and such a cute picture of you as well.

  6. You are still a wondrous tree, with dreams yet not seen. Trees do become beautiful with age their rings a testament to their journey. Memories are a beautiful escape and sometimes they make us weep. That girl in the hammock is still inside swaying to the beat of life.

  7. This is such a heartfelt write Sherry, especially adore "I have become a Weeping Willow as I aged: tree of my childhood, under which I spent so many bemused hours." It beautifully depicts your fierce and resilient soul.

    Lots of love,

  8. Happy Sunday Sherry

    Much love...

  9. Just gorgeous Sherry! My own tears are flowing now

  10. The willow is such a beautiful tree at any age!

  11. A wonderful poem so full of memory and meaning... I love those reflections on time, and what's been lost and gained. I really enjoyed this, Sherry.

  12. Beautiful... and so is the kid in the hammock :-)

  13. Love the narrative of time from " I once was Hanging Garden Tree" though to "And now it's the tree of my old age" and how you've made happy and sad compliment one another. A wonderful piece Sherry.

  14. What a sweet lament looking back at your life as a tree......mother trees they have found give so much to their children through massive underground roots and systems.

    I can see you as Mother Tree...and I adore the picture!

  15. I say, let the rain fall, the tears, the waterfall ... behind the tears is yet much joy before the end of time.

  16. This is so beautiful and emotionally moving....I love the imagery and the obvious connections you have to the earth in so many facets.

  17. You are such a gorgeous writer.

    I'm particularly fond of the second stanza.

  18. Each of your poems is so beautiful but none more than this one Sherry.

  19. A touching poem Sherry and I love that picture! The way you always identify with nature is really special.

  20. tears for the golden times
    that will not come again,

    It will eventually come to that but at least one can rejoice for having been given the privilege of long life!


  21. Such a beautiful poem Sherry,

  22. a beautiful life, deeply rooted to love, dancing in the breeze, bearing storms and giving evergreen tree to me :)

  23. Gorgeous writing! May the memories cause more smiles than tears.

  24. There is a certain sadness with aging, but our memories balance it, always whispering about how we lived and survived.


  25. A lovely and moving share Sherry. And that picture of you is sweet.


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