Saturday, July 2, 2016


As the planets shift their orbits
in the heavens,

a time of change on earth arrives.

what would happen if we
expanded our perspective
wide enough to change,
not just a relationship,
a circumstance, a limitation,
but the entire paradigm -
if we breathed an evolution, a revolution,
an expansive flowering
of every good intention,
transforming them to action,
a New Way a-borning?

What would happen if we:
bought no plastic,
watched and participated in no violence,
ate no trauma from factory farms,
nurtured our children well,
believed - truly believed - in Joy?
recycled, reused, reduced,
rejected excess, embraced simplicity,
and loved ourselves and our neighbours?

Solstice wish:
May we trip the light fantastic,
prancing and cavorting
like giddy reindeer
under a waxing summer moon,
conga through the long hot evenings

with hopeful feathers
all aloft and glistening,
caper into the dawn, vibrant and smiling
and never so alive!

Come morning, I shall pull on the moss
like fuzzy socks,
and tiptoe through the forest
like a sprite.
I will dip a tip-toe
into the Pond of Peace,
and set my dreams alight
with the shine of sunrise
beside the western sea.

Never before,
has there been
such a summertime of Possibility
as now I see.

adapted from spring, 2014, (which seems to have been high energy, LOL), shared with the Poetry Pantry where it is Possible to find some very fine reading with your coffee on a Sunday morning. Smiles. Come join us!


  1. In a world like this, the world would last forever, our own aging would always be graceful and slow, and every death would have majesty.

  2. We would truly live, and so would Gaia...

    Your poem has done something for me, today. Something good... I'm not a bit shopper, but like most humans, I'm not above purchasing what I've named "necessities".

    Yesterday, I dropped the lid of my teapot and it broke into tiny pieces. I was about to order a new one. Then, while bathing in the stunning trance of living that is your poem, I remember the lid of an old teakettle that no longer works (I keep it because it's red and I like it the color). I tested the fit... It's a little loose, made of different material (metal instead of ceramic), but it works.

    I'm not buying a new teapot.

    This might not change our world, but if we all do a tiny bit... it might change the world of our children's children.

    1. If everyone adopted these attitudes it would a difference, no matter how small.So good for you.I cannot begin to tell you of the obscene waste and throwing out of furniture and expensive items in good condition where I live.All of which are ruined if it rains. I don't know if it happens in your countries ( I should imagine it does)but such behaviour is bound to result in serious consequences.

  3. 'Imagine', sang John Lennon. You have imagined well! And that's the first step towards bringing it into being.

  4. What indeed would happen? I do hope that at least some of these things happen in our lifetime.

    1. We might just have to dance under the moon anyway!

  5. yeah from a spark into a bright day...ha i used these words in my poem today..i strongly believe every positive "what ifs' would be real some day, so a dance under the moon to celebrate possibilities, yesss...

  6. Oh if we could just do more and not be tempted with the ads... I think once it's fashionable it would happen, maybe it just take role-models

  7. believed - truly believed - in Joy... I think you've hit the nail on the head.. everything is synthetic..maybe we've even made joy so! Excellent contemplation Sherry!

  8. I love the hopeful vibe in this. This would make for a great spoken word poetry piece. Well written as always !

  9. This is enchanting, Sherry especially the 4th stanza. The 3rd stanza made me reflect, in Japan, you have an option to use bring your own bag to place your grocery or put them in a plastic.

  10. I love the sense of process in this poem Sherry - like the stages of the sun and moon (putting on moss socks made me smile too)..if only the rules could change..ah but they can inside :)

  11. I felt like singing out, "I believe" after each of your "what ifs" wanting to be there dipping my toes in the pond of peace.

  12. I absolutely adore this :D especially the fourth stanza is just stunning!

    Lots of love,

  13. ah, yes, it would be a revolution indeed! :)

  14. I can imagine this I am shifting to more and more....such a 'summertime of Possibility' I feel too....a manifesto for all of us Sherry! Magnificent work this poem!

  15. This is absolutely marvelous, Sherry. Beautiful, peaceful, and evocative. I love that line about pulling on socks like moss... wonderful!

  16. luv this 'what if' write
    my avourite line of inspiration is
    "believed - truly believed - in Joy?"

    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Lime today

    much love...

  17. Chock full of vivid imagery, and I agree, what if?


  18. You pose the question for us to ask what would happen if we truly believed in Joy......and then you exude Joyfulness and Delight through your words and imagery in the rest of your poem...I think you lead by example, Sherry :-)

  19. Well, Aren't we in a good mood :)
    This was lite and wonderful. Let the summer begin.

  20. There is true joy and serenity to be found in living one's life embracing natural simplicity, while proceeding through our days on this earth with kindness, honesty, tolerance and dignity. Sadly, that is a message, it would seem, that humankind ... has turned away from throughout the history of "civilizations". But, I live in hope that ... one day ....


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