Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Nobody Wins

Between planetary survival
and Economic Growth,
the "compromise" is always
that money is the bottom line.

We are banking today
the dollars borrowed
from our grandchildren.

Meanwhile, the Arctic melts,
the planet gasps and shudders,
and wobbles as it spins.
In a money-based society,
nobody wins.

for Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Compromise


  1. Truth, told in a way that invites people to read it. Spins / nobody wins is inspired rhyming.

  2. Oh Sherry. You know how to punch. This tells it like it is. I hate the thought of the burden our grandkids will carry. And yes, it seems there are really no winners. Even those who think they've won, are losers living in delusion.

    (Nice to read you here again. Been reading your books. I so much connect with your spirit.
    Been gone a while - daughter, husband were sick. I took care of them and the kids. Now, I'm trying to recover.)

  3. Many parts of the world and life seem to wobble and spin... Sadly the powers that be don't see past the dollar...and as you say..nobody wins

  4. Ohh yes so many parts of our world seem to be spinning in chaos. Powerful write, Sherry.

    Lots of love,

  5. I hope we can include the melting ices on the balance sheet... maybe that would make us steer the boat in the right direction...

  6. Your last lines here, caused this reader to wobble, with hard truth. Very good poem.

  7. Every foolish step forward humanity slips slowly into the abyss and so few people take much notice. Excellent post Sherry.

  8. I was having this conversation last night.Everything is based on profit. Every new product that replaces another in a supermarket is cost cutting and based on profit.Money makes the world go around...they forgot to add to that song also is going to destroy it !

  9. Sadly not everyone is brought to account, so unfortunately there are some winners ..indirectly. Beautifully written Sherry.

  10. whew...the last two lines read like an adage...

  11. The bitterness and greed of mankind is going to melt the hardest ice cap.

  12. Sadly, those, who need to read this, never will, Sherry. As we continue our downward spiral, into destruction.

  13. Agh. People certainly do not wish to consider long term costs. K.

  14. You have made a strong point here, Sherry! Well penned.


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