Thursday, July 28, 2016

Distraught Sister Moon


Distraught Sister Moon,
I see you up there, pacing around,
wringing your hands,
"what to do, what to do, what to do?"

Down below, all hell is breaking loose:
bombings, shootings, drought,
famines, floods, melting icebergs,
forest fires,
wildlife fleeing in terror,
with no where to hide,
dangerous people with bad hair
behaving badly.

I see you trying to efface your fullness
quickly, perhaps thinking
if you lessen your roundness
the populace can return to calm
under a slice of moon.
But when were we last calm?
Between the dinosaur era 
and Cro-Magnon,
was there once an age 
of hunting and gathering,
feasting and rejoicing,
before My Cave and Your Cave 
became issues and clubs started swinging?

By your light, madmen and prophets collide.
By your light, poets seek truth and beauty.
By your light, we dream of a better world.

You have stopped pacing.
You like where this is going.
Okay, hear this:
By the Light of Your Silvery Moon,
on earth we dream, we dream,
we dream of peace.

Inspired by my offhand remark in an email....LOL.


  1. Oh wow what a fabulous poem and all from a little offhand remark (wink, wink!)...

  2. I like the Doris Day bit at the end:)

  3. "dangerous people with bad hair"

    Oh, Sherry, that made me day! This is really marvelous.

  4. Like Mama Zen, I had to stop at "dangerous people with bad hair
    emerging as society's supposed salvation". It would be funny, if it wasn't so scary. That man's ideas for governing our Nation make me cringe. No wonder the Moon is wringing her hands. May the Universe help us, indeed!

  5. It seems peace is only a dream, reality a nightmare. Beautiful write!

  6. I like the idea of talking to the moon... am sure of one thing, I can hear her reply. Great one Sherry!

  7. By your light, madmen and prophets collide.
    By your light, poets seek truth and beauty.
    By your light, we dream of a better world.

    Sigh.. such beauty and awe in your lines Sherry :D lovely!!

  8. beautiful halo coming out of the closing stanza surely to fade out "dangerous people with bad hair"...

  9. I wonder if sister moon could calm the tides that rise within. Can she bring peace in a world gone mad? We can never stop dreaming about peace. We the children of the stars know the world is in need.

  10. "dangerous people with bad hair
    behaving badly"


    That, and the following, are my favorites:

    "I see you trying to efface your fullness
    quickly, perhaps thinking"

    "Perhaps ... if you lessen your roundness" is the nicest way ever to suggest that she lose weight.

    I also really like these:

    "By your light, madmen and prophets collide." (Awesome!)

    "You have stopped pacing.
    You like where this is going." ... Yeah, I think I do. ;)

  11. Nicely put, Sherry, we all dream of peace.

  12. peace, to dream of peace :)

  13. Thank you Sherry. Your moon is so caring, yet helpless. What a great personification. I really like how you tied it in with prophet, poets, and madmen at the end too.

  14. Good question: why do dangerous people have bad hair? A keen observation, perhaps the moon has an answer.

  15. were we ever without conflict? was there a time we did not compare, that we did not kill to get what we want, what was better than what we have - that we were content?

  16. " dangerous people with bad hair
    behaving badly." LOL

    Yes dear moon peace please.
    sherry thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Lime today

    much love...

  17. Wonderful thoughts and expression here Sherry. Yes, the world has always had its problems, but now the moon must be seeing some new tricks that humanity's ignorance has invented.
    Great write!

  18. O, it's very wise to talk to moon... perhaps under its light the different people can meet in peace just exactly like all animals in jungle meet by the river - to quench their thirst...

  19. Absolutely beautiful Sherry. Sadly she has seen it all before and worse. We just prattle more and try to use division for our own advantage only making matters worse. So in her sadness she keeps quiet. The sun however keeps rising saying, 'things will cool down one day...but not soon.'

  20. Shouting your dream like a defiant prayer! And may it be so.

  21. we need more of the moon in these tough times..

  22. I absolutely love where this poem ends--with dreams of peace.

  23. "By your light, madmen and prophets collide." ...A wonderful "prayer".

  24. We dream of peace in our troubled lands Sherry. This is a lovely prayer.


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