Thursday, December 3, 2015

When I Dance

unknown - via pinterest

When I dance,
I am light as a feather.
I am Song, I am Grace
mixed together.
Those boys down there
can jeer and stare,
and say rude things
and look askance.
I do not even hear them
when I dance.

I give them not a solitary glance.
I take my stance,
enter deep trance,
my heart suffused with fine romance,
for every heart must have its chance,
and I am light and beautiful,
especially when I dance.

for Words Count with Mama Zen over at Real Toads ~
to write a poem with an emphasis on eckphrasis.
I exceeded the word count by sixteen words.
My bad! I did not want to remove the hope, LOL.


  1. I like the hope. There was something about this picture that just hurt.

  2. I second Mama Zen. I love that she has decided to feel beautiful no matter what.

  3. This is truly lovely, Sherry. Everyone should be able to be free to dance as they please.

  4. I loved the image and knew she was an awesome lady! As you did.

  5. Sherry--I hope she DOES feel that beautiful when she dances.

  6. everyone should feel as free doing something you love and be as beautiful while doing.

  7. It's all in the mind. Many "beautiful" people aren't happy - many "plain" or "ugly" people embrace and enjoy life to the fullest. Humans are so silly, really. You captured a woman who seems to embrace happiness. Screw those little brats :)

  8. Yes, I love to dance. I don't care what people say or think...

  9. Oh yes... I love to dance too.. and I'm sure it's only myself I please... but why care.. Love your take on the picture.

  10. I love how heart freeing your words are~ I seriously gotta go dance-lol
    Bravo, Sherry~

  11. So much of life and how we are is about the inside, the attitude, not the outside--so lovely to see that in action here.

  12. Your poem "pirouetted" its way into my soul. :-) Beautiful.

    Greetings from London.

  13. I agree, Sherry, 60 words is a tiny box to package dreams within; had to rewrite mine several times; probably good for the old Viscount of Verbosity though. Yours is a heartbreaker, but rife with hope & authenticity; loved it.

  14. How lovely. I feel entranced when I dance too. I try to dance at least once a day. If I'm lucky, my husband joins me.

  15. Wonderful rhyme and rhythm here--it dances! k.


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