Tuesday, December 8, 2015

"We Do Not Want to Die in Silence"

demoncracynow.org photo

Once again, we, 
first peoples of the land and waters,
we, who have so much to teach 
about living in harmony with Mother Earth,
have our voices silenced.

Hear us.
We speak to your minds and hearts,
out of love for the earth.
We do not want to die in silence.

Indigenous people protested in a canoe flotilla a day after a draft agreement was reached in Paris for what is hoped to be a global accord to curb carbon emissions. Indigenous spokesperson Clayton Thomas-Muller explained his people are very concerned that, in the draft agreement, the voice of indigenous people has been annexed, set aside. Reference to indigenous rights and human rights has been removed from the draft agreement, "for discussion later".

"We want our rights included in the final agreement. We ... demonstrate our commitment to protect the sacredness of Mother Earth," said Mr. Thomas-Muller. "We're...asserting our territorial jurisdiction and sovereignty as indigenous peoples."

Indigenous people have been protesting oil drilling on aboriginal land, and raising their voices seeking protection of the waters.

They, who have lived in harmony with Mother Earth for thousands of years, have so much to teach us. Their voices should be heard first of all. That their valuable voice and input is being set aside greatly concerns me. 

a link to the video of the canoe flotilla demonstration can be found here


  1. I agree with you on this Sherry ~ And now I am happy that an investigation on those missing women has been opened ~ We have much to learn from them ~

  2. The plutocrats who are raping this planet of every resource don't want to listen to the truth of the earth, and see a danger in these wise voices, so I am not surprised that this is happening. I hope their protest causes the provision to be changed.


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