Saturday, December 26, 2015


Angels always dazzle.
Watching the heavens,
sad fools will awaken
from their dark dreamlike dance,
and remember only radiance.

I found this  loitering in my draft file. Sitting in the glow of my daughter's Christmas tree, the world does seem to be bathed in radiance this morning. I hope your holidays have been sprinkled with magic dust, as have mine.  And here comes a brand new year, full of hope and possibility! Yay!


  1. My sister's tree is the loveliest of all I have seen through windows as we walk at night to admire the lights. Happy Boxing Day Sherry!

  2. Such a wonderfully positive message to send out into the world. thank you, Sherry.

  3. To sit in radiance! How divine, Sherry! Thank you for spreading the happiness.

  4. Am pretty stoked to have a tablet, and be able to stay connected when away from home! Yay!

  5. How lucky you have a draft file! I have merely one still lonely as a cloud waiting for home. Mine are put to work as soon as possible!

  6. beautiful, bright & healing message for the ailing world...

  7. The profound messages are always the simplest. Happy New Year, Sherry!

  8. oh yes, Happy new year, Sherry ~


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