Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Grain of Sand

sand grains multiplied 110 - 250 times
photo copyright Dr. Gary Greenberg

Each grain of sand unique,
we walk, unaware, on jeweled beauty.
If a lowly sand-grain 
harbours such loveliness,
how much more, the human eye,
the human smile,
the human heart?

for Kerry's prompt at Real Toads: In a Grain of Sand ~ Micro Poetry


  1. Your words are fine and bright as sand on a tropic beach!

    Warm ALOHA,


  2. Oh, wow...Sherry, this is absolutely magical...I love the comparisons that you make in the end...jewels indeed.

  3. just what I needed today, Sherry ~

  4. We also walk side by side, unaware or uncaring of the other's beauty. Eye, smile, and heart, things of beauty or pretty gross couple of body parts and one influencable by the indifferent slob.

  5. What a wonderful thought. Thanks for making me remember to wonder at the little things.

  6. So very true and beautifully written.

  7. only a keen spirit can see the beauty
    in the ordinary

    Thanks Sherry for dropping in to read mine

    much love..

  8. Yes, we often give as much thought to the people about us... We need to become more aware - it's easy to not notice. Great reminder.

  9. The uniqueness and the similarity... we need to handle that well..

  10. Beautiful epiphany... I guess it is because we look superficially at each other or even that we don't want variety but carbon copies of ourselves.

  11. So much magnitude we miss with our level gaze!

  12. I think too much beauty goes unobserved.

  13. This is super pretty--I am not sure the human eye and heart can stand up to it--No, I'm just being negative--not about the poem--which is lovely--but about people sometimes! Thank you, Sherry. k.

  14. Love the phrase "on jeweled beauty". It implies so many different things... The beauty can be embellished by the jewellery... or, perhaps, the jewels are just there to cover something that isn't so pretty.

  15. Wow, I really appreciate the picture. And your poem accompanies it into the beauty that is in us and surrounds us. Thank you Sherry, for reminding us of this.

  16. Indeed! It's amazing the things we're blind to that are right in front of us.

  17. And hard to imagine that each grain could be different. Are they?


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