Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Grand Design

Tree of Life in Chinese mythology\TreeofLife

In the breathtaking design of the universe,
God's hand can be seen:
in the intricacies of the tiniest cell,
in how the pattern of the placenta,
womb and portal,
  echoes the trunk and root systems
of the Tree of Life,
in the way the planets and stars 
align in the sky,
moon and sun traveling in tandem,
to provide us with warmth and light
and seasons.

It is impossible to look at the intricate design
of a flower, the amazing colours of
the creatures of the sea,
to see the design in everything,
how everything is linked,
and not see the Hand of God
in every blessed thing.

for Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Design


  1. Again you focus our inner and outer eye, our microscopes and binoculars. I would have to quote this all back to you to show what I love. And the illustration makes the total design unmistakable. Thank you!

  2. Nature is so amazing.., there's always something new to admire.

  3. Love the symbolic tree of life, beauty of geometry in all creatures and plants - indeed amazing design!

  4. So true....there is no accident in the design of the universe. It is part of a well-executed plan.

  5. Beautifully done....I found trying to write about design, in poetic form difficult, you did it so well!

  6. Yes...all part of the grand design.

  7. "how everything is linked," the more we realize this the more nearer to God we are..the only truth of life so beautifully expressed...

  8. Indeed there is the Hand of God in everything which has been designed in this world :D Beautifully rendered.

    Lots of love,

  9. Hail the believers of whatever creed do believe the hand of Providence ever present.


  10. Hail the believers of whatever creed do believe the hand of Providence ever present.


  11. So beautifully expressed, Sherry. Loved the poem :)

  12. thank you Sherry. this was perfect for my heart, soul, and mind. Happy holidays!


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