Monday, April 6, 2015

The Teachings of Stars and Lions

They say we come from stardust,
that we are all stardust voyagers here, 
since the long-ago time a star fell from the sky,
and came to earth.
The Old Ones sing of visitors here,
people from the stars,
connected to the Leo constellation,
and to the earth's white lions.

The shamans say the blue-eyed white lions 
appear on earth in times of great unrest,
when humankind requires a shift in consciousness.
The lions are among us now,
with their message that humankind must recognize
our interdependence with all of life.
Shaman elders are sharing the secret knowledge 
of the Star Nations,
for the time of ancient prophecy is at hand.

The shamans all agree:
Humankind's fate is in peril.
It is time to stop the killing 
of every sacred thing.
Time to come from our hearts,
and to remember
that we are made of stardust.
We are all stardust voyagers here.

for Karin's  prompt at Real Toads
to write of the Stars

Source: One of the most fascinating books I have ever read: The Mystery of the White Lions by Linda Tucker.

Day 6 of Poem a Day


  1. I like to think that we all come from the stars and shall, one day, return to the cosmos.

  2. If only we would listen to these messages, and see the truth of how much we all rely on every other being and life form. The image of the white lion is striking, Sherry.

  3. It is hard for mankind to understand the number one, that we are all one, perhaps the most beautiful words in the Bible, is when Jesus is explaining that what we do to the least of his creatures, we are doing to him. If only we could understand the number one. Wonderful piece!

  4. A striking image, Sherry--it would be great if people bore in mind how finite we are! Thank you. k. (Manicddaily)

  5. I was just reading a list of endangered and extinct animals yesterday. It is heartbreaking... and madding... one particular bird is gone because of women's fashion - feathers in hats!

  6. Really like this Sherry. The big cats are of particular fascination to me. The bits of myth you have interwoven in this piece fire up my imagination. And the shaman's message is both truthful and heartfelt.


  7. ah the shamans they know, thank for sharing this bit of wonder

    and i'm happy you dropped in to ead mine

    much love...

  8. Exactly! We are all small parts of a larger majesty and we need to know our place! Right on!

  9. Such a lovely line, 'we are all stardust voyagers here' - in a lovely poem. I knew about the stardust, not about the white lions. That looks like a book to read. :)

  10. I'm adding the book to my reading list. Day 6, huh!? I love this poem and the prompt. I'm home so I'm going to try to catch up.

  11. Yes!! I agree...'star-dust-voyagers,' indeed!! I love your poem and it cused me to think about those under the sign of Leo or the Lion...maybe those are the ones that will come for the healing and messages...or it could be actual Lions...either way...just thinking out loud! :) Great poem, Sherry!

  12. Oh Sherry... this is so beautiful... left me speechless with admiration! :D

  13. I love the idea and am curious about the book-this is stunning and fable like and gorgeous~ I am in awe- Bravo, Sherry!

  14. Gosh, this is beautiful! I love being taught new things while caught in the web of a poem.

  15. What a wonderful song, dearest Sherri. And if only one bit, just one bit of its message made it to the heart of humankind, our world would prosper beyond believe.

    I'm wishing for the banishing of selective deafness...

  16. Sherry, I enjoyed reading this powerful message and I think the shaman are very wise.

  17. Wonderful ideas to dream about, Sherry. Stardust though is rather fragile, the Shaman elders may win the battle. I would love to meet one.

  18. Sherry, I fear there are too many humans not listening, not seeing. We drown in bitter words and deeds. Your words are so peaceful yet they are powerful.

  19. Being so late to the party I'm sure everyone has already told you how wonderful this piece is... All I can add is that I will add that book to my reading list. If it can inspire this kind of poetry I am sure it is remarkable! A pleasure to read your poetry, Sherry, as always!

  20. if only we could show respect to all life forms...a powerful poem...

  21. Your poem itself is a seious prophecy. Oh how I pray that we take off our blinders and see what's happening on this planet. Thank you Sherry for being so dedicated to this most important theme.


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