Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Snapping Dragons in Early May


Outside the castle
on a day as bright as May
a little snapping dragon
toddled my way.

"How do?" I smiled
as I tipped my hat.
And that is all
there was
to that.

Magaly over at Real Toads wanted a plant named after an animal (is a dragon an animal?) and she wanted it short, which suits my available brain cells perfectly. Do go check out the Toads. They have been writing like maniacs all month.


  1. One must be very careful with dragons, so I understand the speaker. Anything sudden or too pushy could have cause the dragon to snap. ;-)

  2. Ah, sweet. They are very toddling sort of flowers. k.

  3. How lovely, Sherry. This is such a happy poem.

  4. Ha! This needs to be read out loud to children--it is just the kind of image that a child's mind can appreciate--and that means its good for us older children too. Loved it, Sherry.

  5. I think they say that talking to flowers is the best thing you can do.. and why not being polite?

  6. Perfect! Made me smile, Sherry.

  7. This poem made me smile :D
    Loved it! So sweet & endearing :D

  8. This is so cute, I really chuckled at its end. Don't know how you can write so much. Actually that brain of yours seems filled with lots of good surprises.

  9. a sweet delightful write; you made smile; Thank you for dropping in to read mine

    much love...

  10. Such a sweet bit of rhyme! Yes, one ought to be respectful of even the tiniest of dragons as you never know if and when they might snap.

  11. Just one more and then we can rest those weary brain cells, my friend. I like the whimsy here, the sound of a child's tale. It's been one h of a month, but we are making it our own. Not bad, hunh?


  12. Oh, this is so sweet! I want to grow some- Fun, to read~

  13. Ha ha, cute! One for your upcoming book of poems for children? ;)

  14. Love your snapping dragons, Sherry. I thought they were extinct. Guess we all are ready for looney business stuff. Or a party? Day 30 tomorrow.

  15. Sherry, I love this. A perfect children's piece. And how they love picking these darlings. If held just right in one's hand... they really do talk? LOL


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