Saturday, April 18, 2015

Roses by Plum Bridge

The Buddha land where once
we dreamed our dreams
by the light of the candles
is abandoned now.
The dreamers have all gone.
A crumbling wall reveals
dead leaves scattered across the floor
where once we ate, and laughed
and believed in a beautiful tomorrow.

War has touched the village
which is now full of ghosts and whispers.
But three roses still bloom by Plum Bridge,
in memory of those days
that will live forever in memory
until my last breath.

I am reading Thich Nhat Hanh's Fragrant Palm Leaves, his memories of a golden time spent in community at Phuong Boi in Vietnam in the 1960's, before war caused him to flee and live forever in exile from the place he so loved.

Day 18


  1. You evoke an atmosphere here both nostalgic and compelling. I'd go there to feel the ghosts and count the roses.

  2. Oh Sherry, this is sad and so very lovely. xx

  3. This is haunting and so utterly beautiful Sherry :D
    Agreed with Susan, my sentiments exactly :D
    Was out love, just came home, thanks for stopping by and giving me compliments :)
    Lots of love,

  4. it is so tough when you have to flee from the land you love... i'm glad that the memories are strong and soothing..

  5. Thanks for this one. He is so terrific. K. (Manicddaily)

  6. War brings sadness and sometimes leaving of our ways. Always sadness, it is so sad the way we treat one another.
    The first verse alone, I thought it would be good to show to my ex-roommate and ask him if he is still a Buddhist. He started out studying for priesthood after being a Catholic Alter Boy and then converted to Buddhism.
    He was Mrs. Jim's and my best man and only lives about 200 miles away.

  7. So sad that the dreamers have all gone, but at least there are the three blooming roses....

  8. If we are lucky, we each have a place that abides within memory, that allows us to remember our most treasured moments,


  9. war can neither put out life nor dream...roses will always bloom...beautiful..

  10. Very vivid imagery for me in this. And so full of interpretation too, if you want to step away from reality's description. Beautiful!

  11. Sherry, in the midst of the worst times, it is so good to be able to light a candle, to remember the roses will still bloom. Nature's way of getting us through the tough stuff, I guess! Thanks for this. Love, Amy

  12. The dreamers have scattered, but they're still living Buddha dreams. I hope. This is a piece worthy of Thich Nhat Hanh. Love him. Haven't read this book.

  13. Now where would you place this Buddha land, Sherry .......

  14. To be an exile forever.. what sadness, and what beauty lies in that name plum-bridge.. wonderful


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