Thursday, April 9, 2015

Art as a Gift

Wild Woman created by Ellen Wilson of Ella's Edge
My face superimposed on a wolf's. I love it.
There is even an angel in the top right corner.

When friends care enough about your dreams
to create art to support you in your dreaming,
that is when you know
the connections that art makes
transcend all time and distance.
This is when poems reach across borders
to create
a family of friends.

Beach Glee - This is a composite of a few of my photos 
of the path to Chesterman's Beach, merged for me 
into a wonderful piece of art by TUG, 
of the website of the same name. 
Note Pup's face, in the bottom right corner!

for Ella's prompt at Real Toads: to write about a piece of art that means something to you.

With thanks, not just to Ella and Steve, but to everyone who takes the time to read and comment on my poems. Because of your encouragement, I have written two thousand poems since 2010 that would not be in the world without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. I love that picture. What a lovely tribute to you and all you stand for. I am so blessed to have found this community of caring people and uplifting poetry.

  2. a lovely piece indeed speaks the language of friendship; thanks for sharing with us

    happy you dropped in to read and view my posting today

    much love...

  3. thank you Sherry for these lovely the picture of the wild woman with an angel face :)

  4. Thank you, Sherry! I will try to find the Wolf again and see if I can align your features better~ You have that unique, wild spirit of adventure-just like your beloved Pup~ This was magical!!! (((HUGS)))

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  6. Such beautiful pictures and the world is all about caring and sharing, this makes it beautiful place to live:). Glad I found such beautiful friends in this blogosphere!!

  7. so cool. what great friends. to be known and know.

  8. I'm in tears! The love is so tangible, Sherry...I agree with you on all counts about how it're so right...I've felt that through you and our community...thank you! ♥

  9. I haven't read all your poems, but I'd like to say one thing on that topic, if I may? You haven't written 2000 poems because your friends have read them, your friends have read them because you've written them, and you've written them beautifully. Congratulations!

  10. This is so beautiful Sherry :D
    A reflection of your loving and caring soul..

  11. This is a wonderful reflection of how unique the connections are that are made through the world of poetry.

  12. Isn't it wonderful to have friends like you have. I also have several and they have kept me writing. Those pictures of super impressions are great! That takes skill, lots of it and she did wonders.

  13. What beautiful images. You are blessed with such talented friends. Each time I visit here I receive the blessing of your words. Art definitely crosses borders to enrich and bless.

  14. What beautiful pictures! By now all who know you share your love and grief for Pup, and you've influenced us all to be wild, to love this earth and to share our poetry. Thank YOU for all you do and how wonderful that you've written all that poetry. That is your soul in words.

  15. What wonderful gifts you were given, Sherry. Not only the art work, but the gift of friendship as well.

  16. Create art to support dreaming--so personal, and true. This is love, much enhanced by recognition that the image means more than the seer could ever see.

  17. When art can make friends that is quite wonderful. Thank you, Sherry. k. (Manicddaily)

  18. oh my goodness! 2000! that's impressive. always love my visits here ~

  19. Oh, this is just delightful in so many ways. The wonderful friendship, the art created by all three of you, the encouragement for many, many poems, abd sharing all of this with a wonderful community of poets. :o)


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