Sunday, April 5, 2015

Jesus Wept

Beautiful image by Zack Hunt
no copyright infringement intended

As Jesus wept over Lazarus,
how must He weep for the students 
of Garissa.

As children, we were taught
that those who are murdered
for their faith are martyrs.
Those students bravely stating
"I am Christian," knowing 
they would be executed,
in the next moment must have 
found themselves
embraced in His arms.

Lay Easter lilies at the graves
of the fallen children,
whose last words
spoke their faith
in a loving God,
One Who said,
"Thou shalt not kill."

This  is pretty basic and I dont consider it poetry. I have had a hard time wrapping my mind around this latest instance of misguided extremism and murder. It is hard to find the words, when humanity has gone so far astray. But I tried. To honor the memory of young ones who were so brave.


  1. Dismay, deep and abiding. What have we become, and where are we going? How to respond is the next question and you do it well here, my friend,


  2. Thank you for making a poetic statement Sherry. I couldn't even begin to write something about this. It is unfathomable, yet it is right before us. I am so sad for the students, yet I am sadder for the fact that such twisted beliefs exist.

  3. Good - thanks for letting me see your light shining today.

  4. You have given me a ray of hope for having the courage to write about this atrocity regardless of whether you are a Christian or not.. Brother Ollie is do have a light:) Thank you.

  5. These extremists, someday, will realize how weak they are to resist the call of hate & anger over the one who is weak physically but stronger in spiritual faith. I don't know what to say from here, Sherry. I will just pray for the souls of these brave young ones in their way to Heaven.

  6. Sherry, your words remind us of much has been sacrificed and still life is full of despair~

    Happy Easter and thanks for going there~

  7. I think sometimes, there are no words--we must just weep

  8. Thank you, Sherry, for writing this. I am waiting to see if there is retribution from God over these tragedies. My Bible verse, Jesus' words:
    Matthew 18:6 - But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

  9. We all weep, I think, for some of the atrocities of these times...

  10. Powerful, poetic and right on. God bless you, Sherry

  11. This is very powerful stuff! It evokes a sense of spirituality...!

  12. Would I have that kind of courage? Or would I, like Peter, deny my faith? I've often wondered.

  13. It is a powerful poem--the incident was terrible--they actually told many of the students that if they came out they would be safe--then they had some call their parents and tell them they were being killed as retribution--the whole thing is just terrible. Thanks, Sherry, for highlighting it. k.

  14. Okay, I'm a bit of a mess right now--it's difficult to read this one without being angry and shedding a few tears (of frustration and anger). How can so much be lost in interpretation? Killing one another will make no god happy. And if a god feeds on the energy, well...

  15. i do believe you caught their hearts in this... basic?... i say beautiful


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