Friday, April 24, 2015


I follow the popcorn trail.
At the base of an old growth tree,
under a tilted toadstool
there's a message just  for me:
Follow the mossy footprints,
wish on your wishing star
and you'll wind up at the sea,
because it isn't very far.

One step for integrity, 
another step for joy,
two steps for compassion,
'cause we always need some more.
Take one step for courage,
perhaps the very first,
and if you use them all,
you will undo the curse.

The goblins all are grumbling.
They try to run away.
You have displayed the qualities
that hold them all at bay.
I wish you joy and happiness,
and that you always care,
for when you follow the popcorn trail
you'll find love waiting there.

for Ella's prompt at Real Toads: Go Grimm 


  1. Lilting and lovely this poem... You outdid yourself.

  2. Amazing, wonderful, fun and many other descriptions...I really like this.

  3. ha you left the goblins grumbling; good girl

    much love...

  4. Sherry.. this is perfect..! :D Loved how you followed the popcorn trail... leaving behind your encouraging footsteps for us to follow :D
    Lots of love,

  5. I envision many more stanzas of this... What happened at the sea? Who are the goblins? Who cast the curse... This could be an epic poem, Sherry! It is beautiful as is, of course, but I see many more stanzas of this fairy tale!

  6. Very nice - I love how realistic this seems.

  7. Charming, Sherry. What we want is never as far away as it seems, if we are willing to take that first step.

  8. Love it, there is so much virtue needed to keep the goblins at bay.. Somehow I see a little reference to Christina Rosetti in that, and what those goblins might symbolise.

  9. "Two steps for compassion," yes. We definitely need that extra step, Sherry. Love the premise! The Popcorn Trail, a great notion. Amy

  10. Very nice, Sherry! Integrity, joy, compassion, and courage -- such important characteristics indeed.

  11. Oh I will take your advice and follow the popcorn trail. Hope I meet all the requirements. Love this Sherry. It's so creative.

  12. A beautiful trail to this!

  13. This is sweet! Someone mentioned 'lilting.' Too true. I very lovely read.

  14. Oh've used all the words into dream for us brilliantly done and full of heart...

  15. I am clapping! I love this~ And wow, you really used the popcorn trail! Popcorn is my comfort food and your words provided the sweet we all seek~ Wonderful

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  17. I followed the popcorn trail with her, Sherry.
    For me there was a touch of Bob Dylan like in there, "... the curse. The goblins all are grumbling. They try to run away. You ... hold them all at bay." or "Here I am, stuck in the middle with you, Jokers to the right of me, clowns to the left ..."
    Both sets have magic woven into them.

  18. Oh Sherry, this is perfect. It's really got the fairy tale feel, all the ingredients are there. :o)

  19. i see you forging through those woods... stirring up excitement

  20. I will follow that popcorn trail Sherry ~ I like that love waits there ~

  21. Ah sweet! Not in a movie theater! Thanks so much, Sherry. k.

  22. I love the idea of your popcorn trail, Sherry, and certainly we need a path to lead the world to a more compassionate place.

  23. Holding the goblins all at bay and following the popcorn trail....isn't that what life is all about?? I love the whimsy and magic in this, Sherry :-)

  24. Wisdom and whimsy...a wonderful combination. I think there is a bit of magic sprinkled in this one, my friend,



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