Sunday, December 28, 2014

Womyn of the Moon

We womyn of the moon,
following in the footsteps of  
the shamanic dreamers of the past,
hearts attuned to the sound of the drum
and the voice of the Watcher within,
know that, in every sister's herstory,
is an old wise woman with wrinkled cheeks,
a cackling laugh,
and earth-based knowledge 
of how to Be,
how to be She.

In this gray-cloaked winter of the dream-time,
we must remember to water 
our parched womanly roots,
hold fast to the place in the earth that is ours,
as the winds whip our branches,
and the icy cold seeps at the edges of our being.
There be danger in this  domain,
if we try to stay.

As the days slowly lengthen,
we reverberate with the rhythm of the tides,
those wild winter waves which knock our hearts 
off the shelf of safekeeping,
into the depths, where we rediscover
what we had forgotten
that we already know.

There will come a time, just before spring,
when a woman has to step from 
the shore of the familiar,
into the ocean of womynkind,
open our eyes in the space
between the old world and the new,
the darkness and the light.
There be no old maps to guide you.
You must follow in trust,
with a wild, instinctual, wolfish Knowing,
from which you will emerge,
keen of eye, imbued with wisdom,
to mother the whole world.

I am not too sure where this witchy poem came from, my friends. Am only grateful that my brain is stirring from its long winter nap and coughing forth a few furballs!! I hope you are all enjoying a restful holiday season.


  1. And what a stir! I'm holding on here, at the raggy edges of enlightenment. I know, I know, as you say--but am not ready to let go and be so responsible. Could This holding back be part of the problem with all this negative legislation lately?

  2. Beautiful.

    At times I feel this way and know I am connected with the earth now and before.

  3. our lives are so much like the seasons... you clearly showed us that

  4. I really liked it! :) It had the wonderful antique sound of wisdom that I enjoy reading from time to time. I like that it has that "witchy" feel to it. Awesome tale Sherry! :)

  5. i enjoyed that you stepped out of bounds. didn't paint within the lines and best of all you are surprised by your own ability to extend the bounds of your 'norm''. i guess that's what you mean by 'witchy'. love this

    gracias mi amiga

  6. This is fabulous Sherry and reaches deep inside me...I love that you coughed this one up! :)

  7. Love this Sherry. The seasons of womyn are different than those of the world. Perhaps that is why the world needs the healing imbued in that difference.


  8. Thank you, Sherry. I too trying to shake off malaise--your energy helps! K. Manicddaily

  9. I'm so glad to be back to read this one. It's beautiful, haunting and bewitching. I love it. And I hope I do know myself enought to mother the earth. Your muse has awakened with a bang. Mine is refusing to stir. I'm thinking of writing about that but it's weird to write about not being able to write.

  10. Sherry,

    This is enchanting. Following the footsteps of shamanic dreamers. This speaks to be loudly and my heart is in tune to the vibrations that shake my inner core. Adding this to my list of favorites of yours.


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