Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mystical Voyager

Strange beastie,
mystical voyager,
part myth, part corporeal,
both wonderful and strange
you ply the icy perilous waters,
which are about to change
because of human folly,
avaricious and deranged.
Interconnected with your human neighbors,
you swim in total trust.
It is the only home you know,
so swim you must.

The silent watery reaches of your habitat
will soon reverberate
with deafening blasts.
I can envision your terror,
before the first bomb is cast,
can see your pain,
bewilderment, your agonizing death.
No corner of this earth is safe.
Greed stalks our every breath.

I woke this morning
striving for wonder,
and encountered woe.
Beloved species,
I hesitate to say the words,
and yet I feel I am already
watching you go.

A report from states: A tiny Arctic community is fighting Big Oil.

Off the coast of Clyde River, Nunavut, unspoiled Arctic waters are home to 90% of the world's narwhals. These unique tusked whales play a crucial role in the aquatic ecosystem, and for thousands of years have been a staple of the local Inuit community. But now their very survival is in danger. 

The Canadian government just granted oil corporations the right to search for drilling sites in the ocean near Clyde River. Offshore drilling is bad enough, but the search is worse – these oil companies will use "seismic testing," setting off huge explosions underwater to try and find oil. 

Like all whales, narwhals use their hearing to communicate and to find their way safely beneath the Arctic ice. The search for oil will deafen, disorient, and kill any narwhals caught in its path. It's up to us to speak up now, and stop this while we still can.



  1. Sherry, you have such a lot of empathy for all animals. You really made me FEEL the plight of the narwhal in your poem. So very sad!

  2. This is so sad, Sheryy. Once the oil companies have one foot in those preserved area it seems there will be no going back.

  3. Oh! god such a pity , its our duty to save the nature and its animals.

  4. What sadness - those beasts are mysteriously beautiful.. And I think we do not know them yet... So much to know so little time.

  5. Sherry the internal rhymes here juxtaosed with a heart-rending subject is so very powerful - wonderful write as usual

  6. The ugly nature of mankind has no bounds when greed and profit happily destroy the world we live in. How important it is to keep shouting out loud as you have done so here Sherry.

  7. Such sadness with this distressing wasn't bad enough that with the Arctic melt the narwhals were already threatened now this...thank you for keeping a voice for them Sherry

  8. I hope it is not so! I hope that the narwhals live on with us forever!

    A Tiny Whirlwind

  9. i have read this article and i kept on asking, what's happening to this world.

    you have spoken like a friend to narwhals. they will be fine...

  10. This is the first I've heard of the narwhal, and I am so glad to meet them before they have completely disappeared. You placethem in an underworld faerie like place, between humanity and the disapearance of magic and make that place seem both dangerous and desreable, Such a poet shepherdess you are, Sherry, describing the flocks that would claim you if they knew you.

  11. Well written tribute/argument for another part of existence that is overlooked by a need for nothing really gained at the expense of another.
    Missed you in my hiatus :-)

  12. I have not heard of this and it breaks my heart on many levels. These underwater blasting upset the balance of mother nature and I am afraid the world will suffer in times to come. You speak with a spirit of love for nature. I hope these creatures will be able to survive.


  13. I feel ashamed of my species after reading your poem, may we humans grow more humane in our stewardship of planet earth

    Much love...

  14. It pretty much kills me to keep learning of and chronicling these devastating – and insane – events. Fracking is TOTALLY INSANE and will do more harm than anyone can imagine. If future generations survive, they will think we were all on crack. And at the corporate level, we are – addicted to money, greed and power. Sigh. My heart just sinks with each new bit of information.

  15. Oh my gosh, how tragic for these wales!! I signed the petition, Sherry. I hope for change!

    Your poem was very thoughtfully written and expressed. You've definitely lent a strong message with your words.

  16. Over hunting is such a problem, we really need to stop and think.

  17. It is sad humans will never see the error of their ways until it is to late, great message and I will sign the petition also.

  18. Nature avenges for destroying the cycle of life. The consequences of disappearing of narwhals will be tangible if it happens...~ Powerful poem, you sounds as advocate to beautiful mammals x

  19. this is a terrible shame, why must governments be so short sighted? :(

  20. your compassion ever deep dear Sherry, we have made such a mess of our beautiful planet, with little regard for our fellow inhabitants.

  21. Wow, what a sobering awareness of how damaging human folly can be!

  22. Thanks to man's greed... So many animals are endangered and in the verge of getting extinct. Who knows, with the pace of global warming, we might get extinct too...

    A poignant poem :)


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