Friday, December 26, 2014

Among The Missing

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The merry bells, the bells they ring.
The Christmas lights are all agleam
and there's a glow on everything.
Today's joy is tomorrow's dream.

In reverie, sit by the fire.
This time is for remembering
the ones who are no longer here
to share the  joy, the yuletide cheer.

We gather in our lighted house,
admire the beauty of the tree,
the good smells of the Christmas feast,
the laughter, stuff of memory.

Year after year, traditions passed,
the memories forever last:
gifts that bring shrieks of surprise,
joy shining in the children's eyes.

Gather 'round with all most dear.
Remember those no longer here.
The years are going by too fast. 
Christmas cannot forever last.

The elder's eyes already know
how very fast we come and go,
keeps to herself the secret, true,
one day she will be missing, too.


  1. Sad, but also celebratory to have the cheer and the time to contemplate. We know that each of us will die and are grateful for every year and day of life.

  2. Yes, it is so important to remember those who are missing, gone from our lives or passed away. They are close to us at times when friends and family gather together.

  3. So true, Sherry ... We each will be missing one day...meanwhile live today.

  4. Beautiful, Sherry. Just beautiful.

  5. Wow how poignant Sherry...thank you for this poem!


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