Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fairy Tales Unglued

Cinderella by 

I so enjoyed Bjorn's response to the Dverse prompt to have a story character come alive in an unexpected place. He had Cinderella encountering Pinnochio. And then Mary responded to that poem, by reporting an overheard drunken conversation, and Gabriella escalated it by having Snow White attempt to blackmail the Fairy Godmother. Here is my furtherance of the fun and games..........

Dear Fairy Godmother,

That Snow White is a total cow.
She is SO not cool
reporting my tryst with the swoony Pinnochio,
who is my True Love 
(forget about the glass slippers)
and who has the best profile in Storyland,
(especially since he shaved his nose).
Plus he has that whole Bad Boy thing going on.
(I overlook his wooden heart.)

At my age, given the crows-feet,
a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do
and Snow White may have ruined
my One Last Chance. 

I am  totally P.O.'ed!
Just sayin'.



  1. Oh, Sherry....this is really a laugh!! And, ha, Cinderella indeed DID deserve a last do we all. Smiles!

  2. Hopefully the godmother can still save the situation. I only hope she has kept her wand. Great response, Sherry!

  3. i think that this might be a chance for them. Pinocchio has been thrown out on the street.. He couldn't lie when he came home.

  4. haha... very cool... think we could go on and on with the story...smiles...and yeah...maybe there's still fairy tales always the most amazing things are happening...

  5. lots of fun to be had playing with fairy tales....

  6. Like I mentioned out on the trail, it might be a cool dVerse prompt to set up this kind of challenge; love your adjunct to the sweet silliness.


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