Monday, December 8, 2014

The Bear of My Being

The great bear of my being
has gone into hibernation
turning its back on the grey skies,
grey rain, grey world, 
yards running with mud, 
ditches and creeks teeming with rushing water.

A great blast is heard from the hills,
where ancient trees are being 
felled and shipped away
at such a great rate 
the wildlife are dispossessed,
drifting into our yards, onto our roads, 
in peril for lack of habitat.

I am helpless to remedy any of it,
beyond sending a prayer of pain and empathy
to a suffering planet and 
the humans and non-humans
who find it increasingly difficult to live
upon its surface.

We are just past the full moon in Gemini 
- the Cold Moon.
The greyscape  hid it from view.
The fog hunkered down over the fields,
mist dripped down the arms of Grandfather Cedar
and tangled in the snarls of Old Man's Beard.
Salal became platters of sparkling dewdrops for fairies,
who do not mind the rain.

And already solstice is on its way.
Slowly the planet is tipping us
ever towards the light and,
with that brightness, the white swan of our being
will rise its arched neck into the hope
of another shimmering spring.
The cycle keeps us moving forward.
The light keeps us looking up.

The news on the television is still winter-grey.
My spirit turns away, seeking, instead,
stories and songs of transcendence.
In the transformation of consciousness,
I place my faltering trust and my diminishing hope
that this planet will awaken in time.
Yet I must believe, in order to live.
May it be world-wide. 
May it be breath-taking.
May it be soon.


  1. May it be world-wide.
    May it be breath-taking.
    May it be soon.

    A wish and a yearning on everyone's lips. Pretty sure of that and pretty sure not fulfilled in all of its intentions. There is so much wrongs that are to be righted and the will to back them up is wanting. Wonderful way of getting it across here Sherry!


  2. tipping towards the light or tipping us off. I think we all need to be like mama bears when it comes to our planet. Thanks for this!

  3. "The great bear of my being
    has gone into hibernation"
    "the white swan of our being
    will rise its arched neck into the hope
    of another shimmering spring."

    Both movements of the tide are breath-taking. How I hope the Light returns and we awaken in time.

  4. I can't believe I wrote something straight from my bleeding heart, and my ipad froze and I lost the comment. Oh well. I think you can imagine my thoughts on this poem, on you. I am so grateful to know you exist and your prayer has power. And I join my power to yours. That's bound to make a difference.

  5. We must believe and not turn our backs. We will rise again in all the fullness Nature has granted. This is magnificent. It's as if you read my heart and wrote the words. Thank you.

  6. Well, this season of the year I so often feel like hibernating as well. These dark days really get to me. And yes, we soon will be tipping toward the light. It can't happen fast enough. Smiles.

  7. When the sky i slow and gray, when the days are short and nights last forever I wish I were a bear. And I too hope for better news worldwide.

  8. "with that brightness, the white swan of our being
    will rise its arched neck into the hope
    of another shimmering spring."

    Such perfect words... to embrace when we turn our backs on the ugly, and reclaim hope.

  9. May it be so that more will hear your pleas and the pleas of our planet....I too join in your earth prayer Sherry!

  10. you speak so clearly of these issues in a nuance that is coming from your heart from your soul. and i too speak of this but coming from a different place yet our two souls are intertwined for they are of the same spirit. and too, when we sing this song this mantra so many other souls feel the same and maybe, just maybe we will gather enough to force the pen of legislation that will cease the felling of earth

    gracias mi amiga

  11. You captured the 'greyness' of this time of year . . . I'm feeling it.

  12. It was wonderful reading your words, ending with an undying hope. A prayer then, for all the animate and inanimate on earth

  13. "the white swan of our being
    will rise its arched neck into the hope
    of another shimmering spring."

    yes, for how long? May it be soon indeed. Beautiful.

  14. the light flickers on even when we ourselves grow dim. i hope. (for some reason can't comment from wordpress anymore, so using default blogger profile. not that i'm posting anything these days anyways...) ~

  15. sometimes we need to take a break from the news...there is little good in it these days as disaster seems to maybe the bear has the right idea...smiles.

  16. Amen. I feel the same way and can tolerate watching very little news. The noise and negativity is so hard to tune out but you are so right: the world needs healing, positive vibes. Keep it coming!

  17. A nicely-worded plea for humans to take care of the earth. Very cool.

  18. maybe... just maybe we all should hibernate a bit to reconsider our place on this earth


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