Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The First Song

Bird woman,
dressed in skins, and pelts,
comes out of her cave,
sits by the fire,
looks up at the stars.
In her heart is a wordless longing,
that she has not yet language for.

Beside her, 
her wolf-pup
lifts his muzzle to the sky
and howls mournfully
at the moon.

The human begins to thump
a steady beat
against her knee.
It grows in intensity and rhythm
until she, too,
tilts her head far back 
and makes guttural keening sounds 

in her throat

that have no interpretation,
yet describe her longing

The first song.


  1. I have an affinity for fantasy related stories, and this poem made me think of a druid who follows in the footsteps of the wolf totem. Part of me was reminded of the "man cub" Mogli from The Jungle Book, which was a bit funny.

  2. Who sang first, the animals or us? Either way we each heralded our presence, staked a claim to our land and rejoiced at our being. Wolf and woman probably had an uneasy truce. Loved it!

  3. I believe it, though I have also believed the opposite--that wolf howled in pain at human music. I like this version better.

  4. Some songs are basic in nature. Their roots go way back to the time before time!

  5. Guttural very things that are life..i could feel this Sherry like a beating drum...what a unique take on the only you know how ;)

  6. Did you, as a child, play that you were this kind of woman? I did--always gathering sticks for a fire in the backyard and pulling off ornamental berries and making plasticine pots. I think this is part of us, Sherry, of who we really are, and more importantly, who we need to be sometimes.

  7. I can really imagine this happening - woman and wolf howling at the moon together.


  8. that song of longing... it's not easy to find words for it... a rhyhthm and a howl seems just perfect...

  9. i have no doubt that it was similar...there is so much music in nature....and i imagine they had time then to appreciate such things....smiles...

  10. I love how your connection with nature rings through your words, Sherry. I always feel touched when I read them :) I hope the holidays bring you joy :)

  11. I love how we learn to sing from the animals especially the Teacher, wolf!

  12. I'm thinking this actually happened, perhaps as an honor to that first singer, by you and Pup :) ~

  13. I always enjoy Bird Woman poems. This one was so real.

  14. That have no interpretation,
    yet describe her longing

    Have you not yet heard the sounds we all are making
    Bravo....brilliant work on prompt!

  15. There is something incredibly beautiful about this. I especially love "In her heart is a wordless longing, that she has not yet language for.

  16. I was thinking of you and just drew the Wolf card-my daughter saw me. I was telling her about you-
    This hold magic in memories and words-so beautiful, Sherry! YOU and nature have a mystical adventure. This one is a gift-I love it!


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