Monday, December 1, 2014


Grateful for the rain
because it isnt snow,
the horses huddling 
under the lean-to grateful, too,
and for the grey skies
even though they are not blue,
that cover this peaceful day
born this morning, fresh and new.

For the daughter who calls with joy
about her rescued pup,
the other one who calls in tears
because her strength's used up,
though no one will be gathering
round the table here this year,
grateful phones keep us connected,
that we all have ears to hear.

Grateful for the forest, 
grateful for the sea,
grateful for the universe 
that brought your love to me,
grateful for the wolf-Pup
who still lives in my heart, 
grateful that our spirits 
will never be apart.

The beauty of the earth
that lightens every day - It's not the wildness of the beach,
but it's what's within my reach.

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