Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wild Woman Embraces Her Doomsday

[This is my shot of sunrise over Tofino inlet. 
I used to live right across the street.Sigh.]

At Real Toads, Izy has posted a challenge for Out of Standard, entitled Embrace Your Doomsday, asking us to write about doomsday with a happy ending. I love this topic!!!

Wild Woman is rather myopic.
She sees forms, not faces.
Things at a distance
are a lovely blur.

So, sitting on her porch swing,
gazing bemusedly into the middle distance,
she is delighted
when the earth heaves,
(it's been such a long time!)
the heavens part,
and everything turns
the most lovely shade
of fire and brimstone.

She sits up, with great interest,
and hollers:
"Kids! Come quick!
You'll never believe
the most gorgeous sunset!"


  1. That's was a lovely blur! the most gorgeous sunset!

  2. LOL, this is definitely inspired (and gave me a chuckle), Sherry. Perhaps we won't recognize the end of the world when it comes!!!

  3. You've aced this one, my friend. "the most lovely shade of fire and brimstone" made me chuckle, but couldn't quite beat "she is delighted when the earth heaves, (it's been such a long time!)"

  4. With you all the way on this one Sherry. C'mon next phase of existence. ;_)

  5. LAUGHTER and LOVE! Another poem I wish I had written! I also have the blur, and would be curious about the color and the heaving and would step closer(talking to my cat), and maybe call my folks on the cell, though probably not--

    The End.

  6. Chuckling here... I hope it is exactly like this ;)

  7. This made me chuckle! Trust you to see the glory in cataclysm!

  8. I love the section about being delighted and it's been such a long time...makes me think about returning to the the earth heaving...beautiful writing as always Sherry...I always get goosebumps! :)

  9. LOL This one has me giggling. Leave it to you Sherry to write something like this!! Love it!

  10. Ha! This is so funny. I guess that is another reason for me to NOT wear my glasses. Thanks for the laugh. (and what a gorgeous sunset photo... I can see why you miss it!)

  11. Wild Woman! I love it! LOVE it!

  12. Let's hear it for all the myopic women ... may they forever see beauty in chaos! Great poem, Earth Mama!

  13. That's why I had the cataract surgery. A half hour and the world turned over and righted itself. Not only do I recognize faces, but colors have never been so beautiful. Love this Sherry and especially love the photo. Thanks for the laughter and the good good feelings,


  14. Awesome shot!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  15. pardon the cursing: but this is fucking brilliant, Sherry. I like how you start by invoking the wild woman and then put her on a porch. The juxtaposition is so pleasing, but even more pleasing the bursting of heavens and her excitement, calling the kids out to the porch to look at the "sun set". this one gave me goosebumps, truly incredible writing. viva la

  16. Oh my goodness, Sherry...I giggled at this one all the way through! Of course,it's all too easy to picture myself as another Wild Woman...things have definitely gotten a little blurry around the edges. And the fact that you end so cheerfully sums you up perfectly...ever the optimist, even when the world is coming to an end!!!

  17. I like the lovely shade of fire and brimstone ~ A positive spin on the doomsday scenario ~

  18. You are a hopeful, loving optimist! I love that about you! (((hugs)))

  19. ah, yes... vision without my glasses is... interesting! {smile}

    i enjoyed this immensely, Sherry!

  20. i feel the earth
    under my feet
    i see the sky
    tumbling down
    a-tumbling down
    or, i don't really know what that was :)


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