Saturday, August 25, 2012

Messages from Water

Beautiful photo by Jaime Clark

Kerry at Real Toads has set us a mini-challenge this weekend, to use one of her daughter Jaime's beautiful macro-photos as inspiration for a shadorma : 
six lines with syllable counts of  3-5-3-3-7-5.

I have long been interested in the books and experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto, explained in his book Hidden Messages In Water. His hypothesis is that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water crystals. His photographs show the changing structure of the crystals, when various types of moods, words, pictures or music are intentionally directed at them. Fascinating, and rather mind-blowing. (Example below.)

The tale of
the world, of all life,
is contained
in this drop.
In messages from water
lie stories of man.


  1. Oh, what a huge idea! That all tales may be contained in a single drop of water, trapped in the crystal structure. Your poem is perfect, and encourages our thoughts down to the macro level. I loved it.

  2. This is lovely Sherry ~

    Will have to try this form ~

  3. I love the juxtaposition of the simplicity of your poem(and the form) and the complexity of the thought expressed. Lovely. And the book sounds fascinating too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes!!! Sherry I've read this and you won't believe it, (yes you will...!), I was just thinking about this book today...I was thinking about his cards that have messages to show our water...drinking and otherwise to treat it before we consume it...and more...any way I was just thinking about all of the intentional ways I want to be living. THIS is proof...yes, I love what you've done...powerful words, Sherry. This image was my first pick too, it spoke to me the loudest first of them all. Thank you!!

  5. I believe the whole universe is in a single drop of water Sherry, and, I also have always believed that water itself is very much alive and that's why so many of us have such a craving to always be near it, because it is mostly what we are made of too.

  6. Beautiful poem of great insight.

  7. A drop of dew can be so inspiring. Full of sparkles and vibrancy with stories to tell. Certainly true, Sherry! Nicely written!


  8. A very important poem that stands alone as well as with this picture. Truly. What is in my drop? what is on my tombstone? In which prism does the magic hologram lie that I can work on and thus butterfly effect the future? Or like rocks, does it just hold the story so that no time-travel could ever create change?

    When the comment is longer than the poem it is not good: I am glad I read this this morning!

  9. Perhaps that is why not ONE is ever alike? :)

  10. yes, the written observations match the macro-ness of Jaime's photos, for sure. interesting!

  11. very concise, very beautiful; you have done a lot with this sparse form.

  12. There are a lot of things that go on at that level that we just know nothing(consciously)about, but I have no doubt, they effect us. The poem stands alone, also, Sherry, as an excellent shadorma.

  13. A poem as clear and crystalline as water, Sherry.
    Life couldn't be explained without this element. It is contained in two of the others, earth and air (in vapour), and it can extinguish the fourth one, fire.
    If man goes on contaminating our most precious gift, life will be over.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Beautiful! I love what you have done and how we should see this valuable resource. A true gift :D Wow!!!

  15. Sherry, I, too, have read about this subject. The idea of turning the mini challenge into a shadorma that challenges our "macro" worldview blows my mind. Elegant and thought-provoking, and I thank you. Peace, Amy

  16. Lovely Shadorma !!! I tried one today :-)


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