Saturday, August 25, 2012

White Knights, Blue Skies and Questing Hearts: the sequel

Don Quixote by Farbricio Moraes at

Fireblossom Friday's prompt at Real Toads is to write a love story. Pardon me while I cackle. It is the only appropriate response, when I look back  at the dismal history of Love Stories in my past. 

She had a Mr Magoo kind of heart,
perched unknowingly on treacherous ledges,
about to leap off into the unknown
without a net,
her heart all hopeful and trusting.

She had her eyes wide shut
to the hidden dangers
lurking behind those 
shark-toothed smiles,
that soon  turned into
bored, dismissive faces
once the quest was won.

He was addicted to beginnings,
the thrill of the chase,
wooing words and promises,
and all manner of practiced fol-de-rol,
while, in the background, he
"kept his options open,"
wooing  two other girls
at the same time.

She wanted to believe the words,
but her gut told her
she had stepped off solid ground.
Floundering and confused,
she tried to make sense
of the nonsense, took too long
to walk away,
which she should have done,
about five minutes after "Hello".

living in his own B-grade movie,
a flustered Don Quixote
hoist by his own petard,
he parried,
trying to appear as high-minded
as his foundation-less self-image:

"I'm confused.
I just need time.
I have to Be True to my Self.
I'm going to see Her,
but I think of you
with every breath,
see your face
with every prayer."

No worries.
When at last she pierced 
the web of lies,
jerking her head away
from his attempted kiss,
("Who are you?" she asked,
in disgust,
just before she drove away),
he paid for his deceit
by having to remain himself
for the rest of his life.

She won out.
She got to carry with her 
her own true honest heart,
and she lived very well
forever after,
with that.

Sorry, kids, it's the best I could come up with, wry and jaded as it is :-) I tried for humorous, though, God knows I tried!!


  1. He was addicted to beginnings,

    That is quite the line... Wry, yes - a bit sad more than humorous, but I certainly hear the voice of a woman worth knowing ;)

  2. I never tire of reading your wise words, laughing at your wit ... this poem no exception! You never deserved him .....

  3. Good riddance, Sherry! If only one gained such wisdom before.....rather than after....making mistakes!

  4. I, for one, love it! I think my favorite part may be:

    he paid for his deceit
    by having to remain himself
    for the rest of his life.

    But I do like that final stanza too.

  5. His fault if he couldn't see the real gem he had for chasing after the fakes. I think this is really speaking from your heart about how it really was. You tried until your heart was sick of wanting to believe and knowing it was more hogwash. How does anyone possibly think it's acceptable to say: 'I'm chasing after her but you're always in my mind.' What a load of old tosh!
    I'm so glad you saw through it all in the end, YOU were his loss. Very touching write Sherry.

  6. "Addicted to beginnings"....there are many that have had quite the journey Sherry....even in love! :-)

  7. "Addicting to beginnings" and "he paid for his deceit by having to remain himself for the rest of his life" Great lines...wonderful piece Sherry!

  8. he paid for his deceit
    by having to remain himself
    for the rest of his life...

    Oh, how I applaud this killing blow!

  9. While you're with her, think of me throwing your shit out on the curb, bozo!

    Thanks for being part of FBF, Sherry!

  10. At least she got to see the real him...Enjoyed the humor and sarcasm here Sherry ~


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