Monday, August 6, 2012

Home Safe

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We're back, kids. We got in at midnight last night and I am just surveying how impossibly behind I am online. Will get around to each of you some time today, and try to read the links on various sites.........

We had a simply wonderful time. The scenery was fabulous and I will blog photos next.....the wedding was glorious and I'll tell you about that all by itself.

We laughed so much! My sister got a good look at what shepherding me through my dementia is going to be like. She had this wry smile, as I cackled my way around the province, and repeated the comment a pointed number of times about the Big Picture Planning that must have gone into her being nine years younger:) Thoughtful of my parents: the gift that keeps on giving. Rather like taking Mr Magoo out and about, trying to keep him from falling off the curb or smacking into walls.

My main problem is my purse. If I had time, I'd invent one that functioned. Constant groping and rustling through it, never able to find what I need. Spent endless time trying to find my tiny nail scissors to cut a section of dental tape. My sister finally used her buck knife: "just cut it!" I implored. (I dont ask why she carries a buck knife, and it did come in handy!)

At the ferry last night, on the last leg of our trip, we were walking thru the terminal with me once again fishing around in my purse for money. "Ow! OW!", withdrawing bloody fingers.

My sister was all: "What??!!"

Me: "Scissors! Found 'em!" Then I grew more wary, poking my fingertips tentatively in, and quickly drawing them out: "Oo! Ouch! I need my money, but I'm afraid to go in there."

Lori suggested I carry a First Aid kit AND a purse!!!!!!! General hilarity. We were punch-drunk by then! ( On reflection, isn't it fortunate that  I  don't carry a buck knife?????)

Fantastic scenery all the way, which I will share with you,  but we congratulated ourselves on how lucky we are to be living on the Island, as we exited the ferry and headed for home.

Will see you all online as soon as I can get around to you:) It's so good to be home.


  1. How happy I am that your trip was a good one, that you laughed much and enjoyed exceptional scenery and wonderful company. Hooray for you, Sherry! No one deserves it more.

  2. Oh yes, it's a good thing you don't carry a knife. My purse doesn't cooperate with me, either. I've tried the ones with a zillion compartments, but they don't help, because I don''t know which one contains what.
    But I'm SO glad you went. And returned home.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip Sherry ~ My purse is also unbelievable, tell me about it ~

    Looking forward to your pictures ~

  4. So glad for all the joy you experienced, Sherry.

  5. How funny...I spend time digging in my purse searching for something I swear is no longer there only to find I had passed it through my hands numerous times...yes, thank goodness you don't carry a buck

  6. There is no question that purses are part of a conspiracy against women. But I'm on to them, and usually manage to thwart their evil intentions. But keys? Oh, don't get me started. :-)

  7. Laughs with family are the best, because they will carry your secrets to the grave. We would have never known about the scissors had you not self-disclosed, but that's so you. We are cut (!) from the same cloth, the rule being: If you can't laugh at yourself, you don't have any reason to laugh at anyone else!! Love, Amy


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