Friday, August 3, 2012

Road Trip!

Kids, my sister and I are hitting the road - heading to the Okanagan to attend our cousin's wedding. We plan to make a full circuit, going via the Fraser Canyon and returning along the Hope-Princeton. This is familiar territory for us, as we grew up in Kelowna and made the trip so often between there and Vancouver, as I did  again when I returned there to raise my kids.

The last wedding was my sister's and my cousins, my daughter and I were all lined up in a photo, dressed in black....we called ourselves the First Wives Club. THIS time it is our cousin who is getting married, my sister is divorced, and it's a whole other lineup. Rather hilarious how much things change and how much they remain the same. The only thing certain is change.

I am excitedly looking forward to seeing all the scenery, and will blog photos on my return. I'll try to remember to take some pictures of the humans too, though I generally prefer my scenery without people in it.

I'll try to catch up  with all of you when I get back.   Summer has been so hectic,  I have had a hard time trying to keep abreast of the blogging world. I am hoping the pace will slow in September. Till then, will do my best, my friends, to visit as often as I can.

I took a photo of my little windowsill of treasures, with Pup's memorial corner,  my jade and stone inuukshuks, eagle feathers, sage, abalone shell, soapstone eagle, and amethyst crystals, candles and incense, as a beacon of home to return to. Going away is always exciting, but coming home is the best!

Lori's friend Warren has come  to look after the we wont have to worry about a thing.

Yay! ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!

(Jasmine hugs her bear, and tries to hide my shoe, so I cant leave:)


  1. Hope you have an absolutely wonderful time.

  2. I love that soapstone eagle! It has a beautiful shape against the windowpane.

    Safe trip, Sherry.

  3. Have a safe and fun trip, Sherry. I'm like you--the scenery would get all the attention, but try to save a shot or two for the wedding. ;_) Home is indeed the best, but you appreciate it more after you've been away for a bit.

  4. It sounds like it will be a wonderful time, Sherry. Looking forward to seeing pictures when you return.

  5. Have a great time Sherry, Safe trip and hope to see lots of lovely pics :)

  6. Have a great trip, Sherry - safe journey and feast yourself on the nature you love so much...As much as you love connecting (read blogging) you love nature more, so enjoy yourself!

  7. Mi amiga: May there be flowers that sprout upon every step you take on this trail and be assured that Pups spirit will be shadowing you, smelling the flowers.

    Have a safe and inspiring sojourn, mi amiga.

  8. Have a wonderful and RELAXING trip, Sherry.


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