Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blue Sky Journey

Big Sky Road by Ella 

At Real Toads, today,   the prompt by Ella of Ella's Edge is multi-faceted. Ella describes an art process, using a product called CitraSolv,  that results in some stunning images, like the one above. We are to pick one and write to it. Ella also talks about  Indian  Spiritwalkers, those who walk with spirits to receive wisdom and guidance to take back and share with their people. This appealed to me very much, as did Ella's painting, entitled  Big Sky Road.

There goes Wild Woman,
head tilted back, and grinning
at the sky.
She's listening
as the windward voices cry.
She's trying to decode
messages in the clouds.
She knows
that there are spirits
passing by.

She hears Wind Woman singing
from the hills.
At summer's end,
the Westerly blows chill.
She packs her heart
with memories
and friends,
writes love letters 
to the world
she'll never need to send.

It has been a Blue Sky Journey
home, my friends.
Sun and trees and sky-
their beauty never ends.
Spirit whispers to us
in our sleep,
makes promises
we travel far to keep.

Look up! Look up! 
Don't miss one moment more!
There's a Sky-Show
in the heavens passing by.
Keep looking up;
let's never cease
our striving
to keep our vision
bigger than the sky.


  1. "She packs her heart
    with memories
    and friends"

    It's a deceptively small suitcase, like Mary Poppins'! . . . with very sweet and hopeful images of the Blue Sky guardian and guide. Very nice.

  2. This honestly is the soul of the prompt......magical and lingering....

  3. Hiya sherry,
    Somehow it touches on our presentday digital world I feel. Maybe we are in the middle of bridging history and future after all.

  4. This is beautiful. I like the idea of keep looking up & decoding messages in clouds. Somehow this seems like a prompt that was MEANT for you! Smiles.

  5. This is the quintessence of Sherry Blue Sky!

  6. The New Mexico sky is the sky you write of...a beautiful write!

  7. "Sun and trees and sky-
    their beauty never ends.
    Spirit whispers to us
    in our sleep,"

    Oh, Sherry, your poetry is pure music. It surges with positiveness and possibility...spirit.


  8. You know.... that is something I don't do very often. Go out at night and just... gaze up at the sky.

    I WILL be doing that this week. Perhaps it will become a habit.

    Thank you. (although, I'm not very wild:)

  9. This is YOU ... every beautiful word. Kerry is right ... it was your prompt to do with as you pleased. And we are the beneficiaries.

  10. I love Wild Woman and I love your poem! It woke up my spirit and lifted me far from the mundane concerns I can get so caught up within. I especially love the last line! Beautiful and inspiring.

  11. I agree this is you, your heart's spirit! I loved every word, but the ending was glorious~ knocked it way out of orbit~ I love it~ I knew your poem would sing!!!

  12. Never cease our striving to keep our vision bigger than the sky...Yes, to always look up to where joy is...Beautiful Sherry!!

  13. "She packs her heart with memories and friends..." That's my favorite line in an all around inspirational poem!

  14. I agree that this prompt seems tailor-made for you! Love the lines "writes love letters to the world she'll never need to send."


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