Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thank You, My Friends


Like a parched blade 
of burnt summer grass
inhales the dew of
light morning rain,
so does my soul
tiptoe onto this page,
in gratitude,
to take replenishment
from the words
written here
by you,
my friends.

Thank you.

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Kids, summer has been way too busy, and I am barely managing online, running along behind the pack, short of breath and stumbling.... I want to thank each one of you for your visits, your comments, your support and encouragement, not just this week, but every week. I so appreciate each of you, and bless you for keeping me writing, and wanting to write. That is a wonderful gift that your words give me: the motivation to Keep On Writing.

I will get around to you as best I can, and am hoping the pace slows in the fall. 
Thanks, kids, for your patience.


  1. Your poem is gorgeous Sherry. The imagery of grass inhaling dew is just ...perfect.
    I hope the fall will see a slowing down of your hectic schedule too but, as we said last night, online life will still all be there as and when life permits more time for sitting and playing catch up. I'm sure none of us minds if you don't come calling as long as you yourself aren't ill.
    Loved that gentle poem of sincere gratitude.

  2. "so does my soul
    tiptoe onto this page,
    in gratitude,"

    How fine a comparison between a blade of grass inhaling and a poet reading poems. Replenishment is so necessary. Thank you Sherry!

  3. What beautiful words, Sherry. We all must find ways to give ourselves replenishment, I think; and also it is good when we can replenish others. Writing poetry is good replenishment, I think. Also sharing words of replenishment (in comments) with fellow poets. I do hope life slows down for you a bit soon, Sherry.

  4. I am finding it hard to keep up, too, Sherry--I feel like I never say thank you enough to all the people who make blogging such a positive experience--and that includes you. You've been reading at my place since I first started blogging, yet I seldom thank you for all those kindnesses and the reinforcement you give, not just to me but to so many people on this trail we're all walking--so I am now--thank you, Sherry. I hope your fall is glorious and more leisurely both.

  5. Well thank you for inspiring keep on writing ~

  6. You are precious Sherry and it is we that thank you for all that you do.

    Do what you can, when you can as the Spirit moves you. :)

  7. Excellent. Keep on writing!


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