Friday, August 24, 2012

We'll Meet Again

We'll meet again, one day, I know,
at the edge of the cosmic sea.
Those eyes that watched my every move
will shine once more on me.

You will run to me, for I cannot;
your joy will fill my heart
that has missed you all of every day
that we have been apart.

I knew the parting would be hard,
and oh, how much I've cried
over walking through this world 
without you by my side.

Fourteen years with you
and perhaps some fourteen more,
before we meet again
on some far distant shore.

But then we will be joyous
and our two hearts will set sail,
share sunsets by the sea again,
we'll wander every trail.

I see you far off in the distance,
see you waiting there for me.
As I keep moving through this world,
stay waiting. Blessed Be.


  1. Oh, Sherry... this brings tears to my eyes. I still miss my yellow lab (who died three yrs ago), but I so enjoy looking at the pictures and remembering our time with her. You will meet again!

  2. Yes, this is a moving love--then, now and forever, Sherry.

  3. Sad, sad, sad. Quite a loving tribute to a friend.

    I'd like to think they're all waiting for us...

  4. Some bonds never break. Never. Yours and Pup's is like that.

  5. Oh, how this makes me cry. I believe you will meet again. I lost three precious pets the past few years and I miss them so. I had my little dog Lucy 16 years and my precious kitty Powder 14.

  6. This brought tears to me too,Sherry--such a sore and empty place they leave behind, all that space in the heart they filled with their joy and love. A beautiful, sad remembrance that still manages t6o carry hope.

  7. Sherry, what can I say? I know of what you speak. Beautiful... I know you and Pup will be reunited again. I love seen his pictures, and yours.


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