Saturday, February 4, 2012

One Step at a Time

This photo of the Great Wall of China was taken by Richard Schear, husband of Kay Davies. Richard's photos grace Kay's blog An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel.

The Sunday Photo Challenge at Real Toads is to write something inspired by one of Richard's photos. As I would so love to walk the Great Wall, this was an easy one.

Inscrutable journey of a thousand difficult miles
 is accomplished only
one step at a time.


  1. These are words to live by. I think this photo is quite magnificent.

  2. Fabulous response to the photo, Sherry. We deliberately chose one of Dick's photos that didn't show any people on the wall, because it is so much more enticing this way.
    Got a good laugh from the way you labeled this post, however. LOL.

  3. I remember when Matt Lauer (Today Show) walked on the Great Wall. I have known some others who have experienced it too. It definitely would be an experience of a lifetime.

  4. Yes, this would be the best way to eat the elephant ~ Happy Sunday ~

  5. I love this..such few words, but such great wisdom.

  6. So true! Lovely response to the photo.

  7. makes me wonder just HOW many steps there actually are (just think of the great "buns" one would have at the end of THAT journey! :)


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