Friday, February 24, 2012

The Amazing Ninot Aziz

The other week, when I walked to my mailbox down the road (we live rurally), there was an exotic package waiting for me. Excitement! It was from one of my wonderful online friends, Ninot Aziz of Poems by Ninotaziz, and had traveled all the way from Malaysia to end up in my little mailbox. I love surprises like that! 

I met Ninot  through Poets United. She is an amazing person, who juggles a romantic marriage, (sigh), and raising five active and happy children with working professionally. AND she has had several books published. (You will find their covers and information on Ninot's site.) Ninot's passion is for Malaysian legends and culture, and she transcribes the ancient tales so beautifully. I am impressed at her effort to preserve these stories and the history of her people within the pages of her books. What a gift, to her daughters and to her country.

This latest book is titled Srikandi, and is a fantastic blend of writing and beautiful art work.

Thank you, Ninot! It continues to blow me away, the warm connections we make through the blogosphere.  I feel very richly blessed.


  1. What a wonderful surprise, and at a time in your life when you have needed some cheering-up.
    I'm so pleased you had a happy surprise.
    Luv, K

  2. What a lovely discovery to find in your 'snail mail' box.
    It's wonderful to feel so blessed.

  3. Sherry, the blogosphere does indeed bring rich rewards!


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