Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finding Our Way Home

Image of South Africa from Our Beautiful Planet and Universe

Hi kids, I was thinking about the subject of Love today, having spoken with a couple of young women who are seeking to find love through finding a partner. I have been thinking about how abundantly love is all around us, all the time, both in the giving and the receiving, in the family, friends, connections we make day by day, the smiles we exchange with strangers when we're out and about, a shared laugh, a friendly comment that lightens someone's face - it is ALL Love. There is not only one way to share it.

I am tired right now, as my support is needed at a friend's home all this week, and I come home pretty drained. So I thought about attempting a new poem on this topic, but instead picked one off the shelf that I wrote some time back.

We're all made up of stardust

and of dreams
our souls roamed
light years through
the everness of time
from galaxy to distant galaxy
before we found
our planetary home

we think that we are bodies
until the day we understand
that we are air and spirit
the stuff of stars
with heaven close at hand
our mortal struggles mask
the inner light
that tries so hard to shine
through our dark night
until finally we discover
that all along
we have had
perfect sight

we vainly
search to win
love on the human plane
paying with tears
and solitary pain
for all our hopes and fears
while all the time
we are already One
the way we all breathe air
unseen, yet just as present,
is the spirit
we all share

one day we raise our eyes
beyond the worry
and the pain
and find the way
we can be whole again
grateful each day
for the miracle of life
sky above
and earth below
the beauty of it all
a never-ending show
free for the taking
joy ours for the making
gratitude with
each new dawn
no more lonely aching
one heart
in all hearts -
our sudden waking

planetary pilgrims
on our long journey
to the end of time
we only need
to understand
that we already shine
and humbly share our love
in all the corners
where we roam
in the soul's profound simplicity
with every soul we meet
we find our own way

We take most of our lifetime
to shed the human limitations
we impose
we feel the pain
when from our loves we part,
until we learn
no love is ever really lost,
living forever
in our heart

the secret's not
in finding love
but in the giving
it's not in having
the "perfect life"
it's in the living

our healing journey
lies far beyond
our solitary pain
when we enter the
All That Is
we are made new

should we forget
for a moment or two
the wonder we once knew
all we need to do
is look up at the sky
filled with a million stars
to remember
just how
we are


  1. :D YAY! I love this part:
    "we are air and spirit
    the stuff of stars"

    I'm trying to learn how to receive it.

    I love you, mom :)

  2. What a perfect choice, thanks for bringing it back out for us to enjoy! Take care of yourself my dear!

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us today, Sherry, and for always being generous with your love for humanity.

  4. Wise words, Sherry. This is the stanza that most speaks to me:

    the secret's not
    in finding love
    but in the giving
    it's not in having
    the "perfect life"
    it's in the living

  5. I love this! My favorite stanza is the one that talks about how it's not in finding love but in giving, not in having the perfect life but in living. So profoundly true. Beautiful.

  6. I always wanted to make a poster looking from the Hubble space telescope back toward the earth, where the earth was just a spec of a star and have lettering that says..."when things seem bad, just are here" and have an arrow pointing at the earth.This was an apiphany of a poem and one that makes so much sense, yet so many have such a hard time remembering your very point, including me. Loved the way you spun this...ethereal in quality and immense in message. Great job.

  7. What lovely thoughts on that eternal love for Him, and our souls as we make our journey across the stars and the earth.

    This was a powerful and meaningful share...I love it...thanks for always reminding us to look up the sky ~

  8. how beautiful, sherry. i especially love the subtle rhymes throughout :)

  9. I'm with Mary and Lolamouse. This stanza is perfect:
    "the secret's not
    in finding love
    but in the giving
    it's not in having
    the "perfect life"
    it's in the living"

    A wonderful love poem, Sherry. As an old song says "love is all around"!

  10. In the living for sure. I've known so amny people who spend their whole lives looking for... the perfect life, the perfect love. One day, they will wonder where their lives went.

    Excellent poem, Sherry.

  11. "Stardust and dreams" and then real life. Wow! Let me spell that backwards - woW! So well done!

  12. the secret's not
    in finding love
    but in the giving

    I quite agree- but if your lines had been longer, I'd have found these ones much faster!

  13. The native people believe the stars are our ancestors. And at the edge of the stream, where you see the mica sparkle, they say it is where heaven and earth meet. Beautiful piece!


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